Angels Landing Spiritual Center is infused with JOY that is felt and experienced. It is uplifting, infectious and exhilarating!

Angels Landing Spiritual Center is infused with creativity, laughter, FUN, appreciation, gratitude and inspiration! We expect ALL GOOD, ALL WAYS!

Angels Landing Spiritual Center has a “high consciousness” that is accepting, inclusive, and open-hearted to all.

Angels Landing Spiritual Center is a magnet that draws speakers who are light-hearted persons of high consciousness. They inspire and lift us with their words and actions.

We are spiritually fed all of the time and especially on Sunday morning through our own open-hearted willingness to tap in and receive from Divine Source!

We are all harbingers of Love and Light for Angels Landing Spiritual Center. We support each other in remembering this and living it!

All of our needs are met and we are abundant and prosperous. We know we are in the “flow” of good from Source at all times!

We have plenty to share and plenty to spare!

Our congregation is dedicated to generously supporting Angels Landing Spiritual Center financially and in all ways!

We attract people who are committed and open to knowing and living their Divinity.
We are all “ONE!”

Explore! Discover! Choose!

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