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What Is the Upper Womb? A place for women to gather on Wednesday’s from 1pm to 3pm to experience creativity, art, spiritual discussion, joy, laughter, a place to share and feel supported. We have painted, sewed, had book discussions, field trips, service projects, and parties. Everyone is encouraged to share their talent with the group. We love to try new things! This is women supporting women, spending timing feeding their own souls. Because as women, we put others first. Come feed You! All are welcome!

Summer Solstice Preparations!

Fun day up here in the Upper Womb this afternoon! Everyone was busy creating fun goodies for the Summer Solstice next Wednesday. Wear your finest “Goddess” garb, and be prepared to get tattooed, eat, dance, drum and more!

The Women’s Retreat 2016!

  The Women’s Retreat, October 29, 2016, “What Queen Esther Knew”, was held at the Toledo Botanical Garden in one of the small cottages in the Garden. This cozy environment created a warmth that invited honest and authentic sharing resulting in a day that was REAL, RELEVANT, and REWARDING for the participants.
           Using The Book Of Esther, from the Old Testament, we cast it in the light of modern day and found that as women we are facing the same issues of using our genuine voice, expecting the honoring of our rights, and are dealing with with prejudice and injustice as they manifest in current society.
          We reframed the story in drama, this time creating new outcomes that were empowering and freeing, and were offered  hope and a willingness to commit to the work of being spiritual women in our present social structures.
           Blessed with good weather that allowed us time outdoors, and a delicious lunch, we left feeling renewed, restored, and recommitted.

Sunday is Valentines Day!

The women of the Upper Womb are excited about this Sunday! We gathered today and handmade Valentines for this Sunday’s service! So much fun, creativity, and love is infused in each and every card. Join us and experience the love of this spiritual community!


Quilt Service Project!

We are so happy to have completed the quilt for the Coyle Funeral Home. We cut,sewed and quilted this blanket with love. Our hope is that it brings comfort to the families of the loved ones that the Coyle’s so lovingly tend to. It was an honor to have done this as our outreach project. 20160120_155538

The Women Of The Upper Womb Are Back!

The time has come to gather, nourish and nest! We are back in the Upper Womb, and we are ready to join in service, spiritual growth, creativity, laughter and joy! Join us from 1pm to 3pm today, and every Wednesday here at Angels Landing Spiritual Center!