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Thoughts Of Love


I don’t have to direct God/Love – But I have to allow God/Love to be in me.
I must recognize that same God/Power – Good in You!

The Package:
Loving God/Good
Loving Myself
Loving my fellowman
Studying and learning from myself and others.

You see God doesn’t grade your work by how great it is.
What matters is the Love in which it is performed.

Go Love…

True or False

What is true or false?

Gloria S. Moorehead Excerpts from Sunday Service – 3/2/14

Things are not true because we believe them.

Beliefs become substitutes for truth.
Gently check out what you believe and why.

Beliefs are good when they provide
life experiences that include
peace, prosperity, and loving relationships.

Remember, who you are is important.
Every day you are the face, heart, the soul
of God radiating as you.
Wonderful you!
This world needs you!

What was withheld from us, we must become.

We cannot allow our past to
rule our choices today.©


What are Judgments?

Gloria S. Moorehead Excerpts from Sunday Service – 2/2/14

They are pieces of us that we deny or label negative.
Negative emotion locks us into resistance.

Judgment has to be dissolved
into the light of allowing life to be what it is,
without overreacting.

To create a space for newness,
We need to lay down judgment!

If you feel “Resentment” you feel inadequate.
Lay it down!

Look beyond who you used to be.
Allow a New You to be formed like clay
in the hands of your God Self
called Love!

What would Love do?

As a community,
we come together to
add light to the darkness,
and joy to the world.©

“I AM”

Our inner name has become,“I AM”
Our outer life will show the world
that we are indeed different.©

Gloria S. Moorehead, Excerpts from Sunday Service – 2/16/14

Victory of Spirit!
Finally overcoming and climbing another
step of the Ascension Ladder.

Let the Divine Holy Self of you come through.
Give yourself permission to know
that you have a new quality. A new life path.
A new name-Enlightened!
You can identify, integrate, and live
This path from this day forth.

Whatever you put on your bucket list,
you must be dedicated to adding it
to your life!©

Faith Channel

“Today can be the first day of the rest of your life.”

Gloria S. Moorehead,  Excerpts from Sunday Service – 2/16/14

You can call it good and it will “Shift Shape” for you.  Stay on the discovery path with that attitude.

It’s more than an opinion of our self.  Tune into the “Faith Channel” You will find you are loved by God.

We surrender to joy, victory, and our sacred side. Embrace
the tools of spirit to make a space for unlimited possibilities
to fulfill our destiny.©


Kindred Spirits

Angels Landing Spiritual Center – God’s Center – is where I discovered the “Journey with No Distance” and met Divine Love in Truth and expression…I meet extraordinary teachers, I meet myself…and I meet us!

From the first time I heard our founder, Reverend Emerita, Gloria Moorehead, say, “All that theory is just theory until you experience it in life – so how does that look?” I knew I had discovered a place where I could grow and “remember!”

I chose to gather with my “family” – kindred Spirits – at our Center as we share and explore the way back home!©