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Here we share what our Sunday was like, and how grateful we are to gather and be fed spiritually, and the joy and love that we experience.

January 1st.”Pulling It All Together ” Burning Bowl

Some of our awesome people assisted Rev. Linda today with the lighting of the 12
candles representing the 12 powers of man. Thank you for your participation!

Sunday Service

Yes, it was a great day here at Angels Landing Spiritual Center! Thank you Rev. Linda Dominik for the outstanding talk today! You truly fed our souls. The energy was palpable.

Thanks everyone for the awesome food. It was a real Labor Day feast! We do know how to eat here!

And last but not least, as always the laughter, love, and joy fed us even more than the great food!

We are so blessed to have this center, we really are the heart of Toledo! ♡

Sunday, July 19th Experience

Thank you John Johnson for the meaningful talk today! To express the words of what the Holy Spirit looks like working Through us in our daily lives was very touching.

Your humor, insights,and love for Angels Landing Spiritual Center touched everyone of us.We are grateful to have you in our lives.

Thank you Lori Lefevre, our very special song bird for the perfect songs! Your singing is a sermon in its self.

Thank you Angels for yet again a feast! We do know how to feed the soul and the body.

A great day here at Angels Landing! We are so grateful for all that we have, all that we give, and all we receive!

Sunday, July 12th At Angels Landing

Yep, today was quite the day! Rev. Linda Dominik delivered such an inspiring message. She made us laugh and cry, and touched our hearts. Lori Lafevre and John Johnson, who are our musicians, as always blew us away with their music. The crazy thing is, John, our keyboardist, thought he was speaking today. He is talking next Sunday! So not only did he have to switch gears, but the music they worked on all week was geared for his talk. But as spirit seems to be in charge here, they not only on a moments notice came up with the songs to share, but Rev. Linda, who didn’t know any of this, towards the end of the service shared that the music felt hand picked for her talk. That happens a lot here at Angels Landing Spiritual Center. Lori and John truly do let God work through them!

We were especially excited, because we had our first visitor that has been following here come!! That was a big deal for me, I must admit I have wondered more than once if all the hours I spend doing this matters. Well I got my answer, every moment is! Not because she showed up, though I was thrilled to meet her! But more importantly it was the affirmation that she shared that she experienced the love that defines what we are all about. Well she didn’t use those words, she said everyone was so welcoming, but that’s what it really is. And that is the reason I work as hard as I do. Because there is something very special about Angels Landing…

Angels Landing Spiritual Center does make a difference in this world. And each and every person who comes feels it. Because it’s God’s center, and we are just blessed to be a part of it. Yep, today was a Very special day!

July 12th Speaker

Rev. Linda Dominik

We are happy to have Rev. Linda Dominik with us this Sunday. The title of her talk is, ” We are Not Here Because of…We Are Here To BE CAUSE!”

How to I describe Linda? Engaging, a teacher who doesn’t stand up front and teach theory, but shares her truth and how she applies it in her life. She embodies what we stand for here at Angels Landing.

We don’t gather on Sunday’s to feel good for an hour, and then go home and keep living a unfulfilled life. We strive to give you spiritual tools to use each and every day, to take to the job, into relationships, to help you see just how wonderful you are. We are here to offer a safe place to open your heart and connect back into who you really are. That’s why they call us the heart of Toledo!

Come join us, just once. We are not a religion, we don’t teach you what to think, but how it feels to be connected to yourself, to others, to this world.

June 21st Speaker


Tomorrow we are gifted to have Rev. Linda Dominik us. The topic of her talk is, ” The Best Dad in Heaven and Earth. ” Join us and experience this dynamic speaker! Our own Lori LaFevre and John Johnson will be blessing us with beautiful music. Plan to stay and celebrate Father’s Day with pulled pork, conversation, laughter, and joy!