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Among the many opportunities for learning, sharing, and growing here at Angels Landing, is our “Spoken &Written Word” group. We share each other’s poems, essays, books in progress, on-line, or all are welcome to share their writings in person the first Friday of each month at Angels Landing from 1pm to 3pm.

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January Spoken & Written Word

“Affirmative the positive” was the theme at the January meeting of the writers from “The Spoken & Written Word.”

One Heart, One Mind

One Heart, One Mind

The Circle of Wise Women
chanted and swayed.
Voices and drums
rose with the fire.

The Circle of Wise Women
sing to Sisters on Earth.
To birth balance,
to birth Love.

The Circle of Wise Women
cradled and banded by Wise Men
One Power, One Love.
Father Sky, Mother Earth.

Two circles, two fires, two songs
One Heart, One Mind.
Chant, sing, join, birth

Marjory Smella

War and Peace

War and Peace

To win, surrender!
Win what, in a storm of losses?
Whoever has “more” wins?
Contradiction, paradox –
“giving up to win!”

Distractions invite busy-ness and
temporarily insanity!
The practice is now,
The lessons are now,
Resurrect, look up, let go–now!

Divine twinkling
“Word” – infinite and whole!©

Marjory Smella

Poetry Saves Lives


A poet stills herself
And listens
To words that monitor her heart rate
And beats out fret and strife
Words that vibrate hope and wonder.

Where does her mind go
When it  hears words
Written with quiet wonder
Or keen expectation of a
Glorious celebration?

Perhaps her mind lets go
And meshes with an unseen self
And makes a connection to All that Is –
Where no one or anything
Can interfere with her saving lives.©

                      Jeanne Hubay
                      June 15, 2014



How I cried out that I wanted you ­
a partner
a pal
a great friend.
Then you came and I cried even more.

As if I had to have
a bad guy in my life,
a reason to suffer and whine.
YOU – the guy with the stetson
standing at the end of the street ­
the one with the lightening draw!

YOU are not my shadow,
You are not my endless source.
You have shown me myself.
You have stretched me out.
You made me reach beyond us


Thank you!©

Marjory Smella

The Mind’s Eye

The Mind’s Eye.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. — William Blake
The mind’s eye dares build a dream of sand castles by some deemed impermanent, a fleeting image held capriciously against the winds of time.  Time either holds us as a constricting master of the slave, scattering vital energies, or at its best it serves as a dear friend, focusing thought through distilling lens to the essence of the moment, extracting an exactness containing All, revealing a way in which to experience Eternity.  Powerful creative energy fires from this single pointed Source, where dream gives birth to reality.©

By Karen Petersen

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I Am Yours

I AM Yours

Have Your way with me, then.
I have no plans.
I have no ideas.
I have no agenda.

I have longing.
I have desire.
I have love.
I have You.

I go to Nature.
I go to You.
I ask of You –
have Your way with me!©

Marjory Smella

Over the Top!

Over the Top!

Over the top!
Close to the edge.
Crisp edge.
Cold edge.
Cutting edge.
Dead edge.
Empty edge.

Hear nothing.
See nothing.
Feel everything.

Insanity resists.
Emotion screams.
Fear chokes.
Only pain or numb.

Perfectly aligned.
Perfectly unfolded.
Perfectly executed.
Perfectly, perfect.

Heart soars,
Heart sings,
Heart knows,
Over the top!©

Marjory Smella

Spoken and Written Word Meets Again!

This Friday, September 2nd,from 1pm to 3pm The Spoken and Written Word group meets again! If you have been longing to share personal writings here is your chance. If you enjoy listening, having a cup of tea and enjoy the creative process of writing this is the place to come. Stop in and experience it!