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January Spoken & Written Word

“Affirmative the positive” was the theme at the January meeting of the writers from “The Spoken & Written Word.”

Dancer With Smoke Highlight

Ballet-like, ancient Hawaiian dancer is caught in mid posture,
noise maker in lifted right hand,
left arm curved toward her serene face with its lowered lashes, almost curving lips.
Her abundant hair fashions the edge of the pose.

Brought from Hawaii in cardboard tube,
left under the bed in my room,
this image of an ancient Hawaiian dancer
escaped the destroying fire and water,
except for the drifting, wandering smoke, in its inquisitive fashion examined.
The tube holding this gentle reminder of a place and time
and left its misty signature as a band across the lower portion
and spared the rest, as if in approval.©

Norma Mihailoff
Finished April 1, 2016
House fire: March 21, 1981

Final Solution

The final war in 2061 lasted 7 days, spanned a thousand or so miles in the United States, twice as much in the Indian sub-continent and China, several hundred miles in Continental Europe.

The field of battle was circumscribed – formulated on available ground belonging to each opponent, and the willingness of the parties to pay for restitution. Signed to in advance, with names of winner and loser left blank. Paperwork was handled by LIF-EBB, which stood for “Land Is For Every Being.”

All troops were infantry. Warriors were given a week’s concentrated rations. If the conflict still persisted, there was the enemy and whatever young ones were found in the field of battle. Add water and salt equaled a sustainable meal. Some soft-hearts said this was despicable. No quarter asked or given. “Bloody, but short”, was the response of survivors of conflict.

Males relinquished trashing the planet in 2022. Females went to compromise instead of war. An overwhelming concern for children’s welfare and other living matter, took precedence over desire for power and material possessions.

What caused the last war? Men. Males in some countries began withholding that which would generate future generations. Pleading, cajoling, threats, had no effect. By 2061, populations in these areas dwindled. Other areas refused to share. Hence the war, called “Chromosome 24”.

Then cloning was rediscovered. Men and wars were declared obsolete. Men were invited into outer space. Wars went into history books.©

Norma Mihailoff