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January Spoken & Written Word

“Affirmative the positive” was the theme at the January meeting of the writers from “The Spoken & Written Word.”

One Heart, One Mind

One Heart, One Mind

The Circle of Wise Women
chanted and swayed.
Voices and drums
rose with the fire.

The Circle of Wise Women
sing to Sisters on Earth.
To birth balance,
to birth Love.

The Circle of Wise Women
cradled and banded by Wise Men
One Power, One Love.
Father Sky, Mother Earth.

Two circles, two fires, two songs
One Heart, One Mind.
Chant, sing, join, birth

Marjory Smella

War and Peace

War and Peace

To win, surrender!
Win what, in a storm of losses?
Whoever has “more” wins?
Contradiction, paradox –
“giving up to win!”

Distractions invite busy-ness and
temporarily insanity!
The practice is now,
The lessons are now,
Resurrect, look up, let go–now!

Divine twinkling
“Word” – infinite and whole!©

Marjory Smella



How I cried out that I wanted you ­
a partner
a pal
a great friend.
Then you came and I cried even more.

As if I had to have
a bad guy in my life,
a reason to suffer and whine.
YOU – the guy with the stetson
standing at the end of the street ­
the one with the lightening draw!

YOU are not my shadow,
You are not my endless source.
You have shown me myself.
You have stretched me out.
You made me reach beyond us


Thank you!©

Marjory Smella

I Am Yours

I AM Yours

Have Your way with me, then.
I have no plans.
I have no ideas.
I have no agenda.

I have longing.
I have desire.
I have love.
I have You.

I go to Nature.
I go to You.
I ask of You –
have Your way with me!©

Marjory Smella

Over the Top!

Over the Top!

Over the top!
Close to the edge.
Crisp edge.
Cold edge.
Cutting edge.
Dead edge.
Empty edge.

Hear nothing.
See nothing.
Feel everything.

Insanity resists.
Emotion screams.
Fear chokes.
Only pain or numb.

Perfectly aligned.
Perfectly unfolded.
Perfectly executed.
Perfectly, perfect.

Heart soars,
Heart sings,
Heart knows,
Over the top!©

Marjory Smella

John The Baptist

John the Baptist

Rising before dawn, he pulled his sheepskin cloak around him and fed the small campfire until it came to life again. Purple and gray clouds were stacked across the sky. They had piled up the evening before and now it looked as if this entire day might be cool and moody. It wasn’t the kind of day to inspire crowds of converts at the river. Still, how many came didn’t really matter. If only one sought salvation, he would be there.

He leaned on his staff and held out his feet one at a time towards the small fire’s warmth. It eased the ache from the cool, damp air. There was another fire – a roaring fire that had been kindled in his heart! The fervor and passion that drove him ceaselessly leaped up larger than the flames before him. This fire had taken over and become him now.

The people, his people, were in need. Tears wet his cheeks and he closed his eyes. He felt blessed, charged, empowered to take up this holy work. He had been chosen for it, of that he was sure. Chosen to lead the people to salvation before the True Anointed One appeared – the Messiah! He shivered and knelt down in prayer.

Finally, tiny dashes of morning light glittered across the choppy water of the river. A narrow band of gold had been able to escape from under the billowing blanket of clouds. Perhaps the sun would push back the darkness after all. He wrapped what was left of his meager breakfast in a piece of hide then drank cold water from his wooden bowl.

There was a stirring from the edge of the woods. A small cluster of people emerged and came slowly down the beach towards him. They spoke in hushed voices and as they drew closer he could see their anxious faces. His heart soared. He reached out his arms and embraced each one. He spoke softly in Hebrew. “Come to the water and receive. Come to the water and cleanse your soul. Come to the water and prepare, for the Anointed One is coming – the Messiah,” he told them urgently!

He prayed with them. Bold prayers of love and salvation. Bold prayers of a “Living Word.” Bold prayers of the coming of the Anointed One. Bold prayers channeled through him, poured from him, reverberated around them and he felt no chill from the water or the air. He was on fire!

It had begun. Small clusters of people came out of the woods to be embraced and blessed and baptized. Afterward they built up his fire and sat reverently around it watching new converts come tentatively to the water’s edge. He prayed. He dunked. He exhorted. He cried.

A mother with a small infant in her arms stepped into the shallow water. He walked up to help her come out farther and she passed the baby to him. He cradled it against his breast while he gently lowered the mother under the swirling water. She emerged sobbing with joy then he pulled the wooden bowl from his tunic and dipped it full of water. As he prayed, he lowered the child and reverently poured cold water over the small, downy head. The infant jerked awake and wailed. He smiled tenderly as he handed the tiny bundle back to the mother.

At that moment, everything stopped! There was no sound. No crying baby. No sobbing mother. No reverent conversations from those near the fire or those waiting on the shore. It was then that he noticed the light. It streamed down from the eastern sky. It bounced in blinding brightness across the water which now lay flat and calm. The light had pushed back the thick, billowing clouds and it touched their edges and burnt them brilliant gold. It pulsed and shone with life!

Water spilled from his wooden bowl. His legs felt weak. There was a current of energy in the air and in his body. He gasped! A man emerged from within the light! A man he had never seen before. A man he knew instantly. This One, this Anointed One, this Holy One, this Messiah nodded and smiled and held out his hand to be helped into the water. He had come!©

Marjory Smella
April 2016

The April Spoken And Written Word

The Spoken and Written Word meets the first Friday of each month at Angels Landing Spiritual Center from 1-3p.m. Of course this month the meeting fell on “April Fools’ Day” and the group had a good chuckle about it!

In preparation for the April meeting, In March, Group leader, Jeanne Hubay challenged everyone in to explore the process of writing called, “Ekphrastic” or “Ekphrasis.” The Greek word describes writing in response to a piece of artwork. To quote Lucas County Poet Laureate (2008-2013), Joel Lipman, from a recent article in The Toledo Blade, “Ekphrastic poetry is a wonderful way to…find the precise language to articulate your feelings.”

The group practiced this process by viewing a piece of sculpture and sharing responses to it. Three participants also had newly created pieces written in response to artwork. Everyone committed to creating more pieces for the May meeting! In addition, the May 6th meeting will have a theme of “Friendship” which may be expressed in any style the writer is drawn to.

The Spoken and Written Word is the perfect place for writers to share new and older works with other writers and “listeners” who enjoy stopping in and offering their responses over a cup of tea or coffee – and usually a cookie or two!

War And Peace

Why the war to surrender…
There’s an oxymoron!
Contradictions, paradox-
“giving up to win!”

Win what, in a storm of losses?
Whoever has “more” wins?
Distractions invite busy-ness and
temporarily insanity!

The practice is now,
The lessons are now,
Resurrect, look up, let go–

Divine twinkling
“Word” Infinite and whole!©

Marjory Smella