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The Leaves Drift By My Window

The leaves drift by my window
Falling softly to the withering grass.
They just let go
Without urging,
Without force,
Without resistance.

From the depths of their being,
They respond to the innate call
Of wisdom within.
Every autumn the process renews,
Freeing them from their burden.
Surrendering to peace and rest.

Can I let fall with the same grace
The angers, the resentments, the
Bindings to pain?
Can I receive the
Freedom of forgiveness,
By giving it freely?

I let go,
I let love
Guide each release
With tenderness.
I give the gift of freedom
That I AM.
Rev. Linda Dominik©

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

It says, “In the beginning, God created…” and then there is a nice list of things, including human beings. It doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to this theory, or any other possible theories about the origin of WHAT IS, this was not a “once and done” project.  The Creation is still in the works, today, tomorrow, and everyday in the fullness of time.

Except that now, we’re IT! As individualized expressions of the creative energy, we are the ones who bring into visibility WHAT IS.

How are we doing? Each one of us answers that question according to an inner set of values viewed in the light of an inventory taken with rigorous honesty. And then what? More of the same OR something different? The. choice is ours.

We begin in mind with the power of thought, articulate the vision with power of the spoken word, and move into the action of creation with our whole being. All day. Everyday. In the beginning…

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

Many of us spend a huge amount of time seeking God, however we define this concept. We so desperately want to see God because we need what some people call “God with skin on!”

Yes truly, because every living person is an individualized expression of God! Are you kidding? What about __________, fill in the blank with the name of your least favorite person! Oh gosh, might that be yourself?! For too many of us, it may well be, because we have been erroneously defined as broken sinners in need of saving! Well okay, not yourself, but for sure him/her over there because after all you are trying but they sure aren’t! Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Either way, it’s the same. It is EVERYBODY!!!
For sure?
Yes for sure!
In the book of Genesis, 1:26, it is unequivocal: “God created humankind in God’s image and likeness.” Not just the good/nice people? Nope, even the bad/nasty people! God simply created us and endowed us with free will; this helps explain good/bad BEHAVIOR. Our choices in thought, word, and deed bring forth the differentiation. Our Essence IS that of our Creator: all good expressing as love.
Well, there’s a can of worms with the lid popped off! Even that #*#*# who lives up my street or that _____on TV?! EVERYBODY!!!
So, now what do I do? Look in the mirror of life around yourself and JUDGE NOT! WHAT??? Hey, that’s my right and privilege! No, that’s your homework in the school of life! Accept that all is an expression of God! And only YOURS is your responsibility!
Find the nearest mirror, look into your eyes, and work!

Inspiration From Rev. Linda Dominik!

Jesus had an amazing amount of chutzpah when he walked into the synagogue in Nazareth, read from the Torah, and then looked at everyone and announced, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your ears.” (Luke 4:16-30) Amazed at the eloquence of his words, they remarked on his parentage saying, “Hey, isn’t this Joe the carpenter’s kid?”
And we would have as well if it happened today in any of our houses of worship. When someone starts talking about being anointed (chosen) for a task, our first thought is, “Oh yeah, by whom?” And if they are really firm in the expression of their conviction, as in “I AM THE ONE,” our response is even more skeptical and tinged with sarcasm, “Really, who died and left you God?”
Why is it so difficult to attribute Godliness to someone? Okay, maybe one or two people like Mother Teresa, who did good works which society praises as noble and worthy, she might deserve to be called godly. But the rest of us? No way!
Except that all of the teachings of Jesus tell us exactly that. He tells us that what you see in me is in you too, for you who have seen me have seen the Father, because we are ONE!
Change our thinking, change our life! Will we?

Inspiration From Rev. Linda Dominik!

In the past weeks we explored the person of Jesus and his relevance in the 21st century. His message remains current and persuasive because it is grounded in love. The world today is far more complex because of technology than the world in which Jesus lived; the difficulty of living in it is still the same because human relationship, in whatever era, requires the same commitment to truth, honesty, and authenticity in all of our human interactions.

Technology does not create a buffer between our individual personality quirks, or the way in which families interact, or communities or nations for that matter! What is required is unrelenting authenticity at all times and that is a risk. If we are authentic, I can assure you, we will get in someone’s face! After all, Jesus sure did!

But isn’t living “face to face” what life is all about? We don’t pass like ships in the night, we rub up against each other, if not physically at least emotionally, and there is the arena in which we are called to live the Christ Life. This is the life which Jesus demonstrated through His embodiment in this life. It is an authentic and ethical life, guided and tempered by love. It’s simple, and no it isn’t easy! But it is worthy of us as sons and daughters of God!

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

Jesus! Yes, that person! A man who wrote nothing, but about whom much was written. What can we learn about who the man was from the stories and commentaries which we have today?

Well it depends on who you read, and the writer’s perspective! The gospel writers wrote for different audiences, coloring their remarks to engage their audience and persuade them to their way of seeing Jesus.

The most inviting aspect of New Thought spirituality is its willingness for the reader to draw THEIR own conclusions! Now there’s a concept! The first time a Unity Minister asked me in class what I thought, I turned around to see if he was talking to the person behind me! In my previous religious tradition, developing my own opinion was not just frowned upon, but really forbidden.

When I recovered from my shock, I started to explore the man Jesus, freed from doctrine and dogma that surrounded him. I’m still doing that today and he continues to reveal himself as I look, not just more deeply, but also more broadly and above all, more humanly. I like the man! I’d like him as a friend. He is no longer remote nor does he scare me. Scenes from his life say a lot – about everything! I enjoy finding out what the people in the stories thought and said about him, and I’d like to know what others say now because he is as relevant today as he was then.

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

Freedom and independence do not mean the same thing, and yet they are intertwined. Their relationship is a little like the chicken and the egg one. Which comes first? They appear simultaneously because they are God given. How we experience them unfolds and evolves, even as we do.

A child is neither free nor independent until it reaches a capacity to function in a rational manner when making choices or decisions. At that point it may be said to be independent, but it’s degree of freedom depends on other aspects of life. At the age of 18 you may be independent legally, but if your feet are still under your parents’ table, you can hardly be said to be free.

A prisoner who is incarcerated can be said to be neither free nor independent. And there we would be wrong in our assessment. The person most certainly is not free, but could still be independent.

Because independence is a state of mind. No it does not include sitting in a hot tub or steam room and saying, “It’s not hot in here”. That is denial of physical reality, but saying that you are not discomfited by the heat, is a matter of being independent in how you judge the situation.

There is an old hymn which says, “I am free, I am unlimited, there are no chains that bind me, right here right now.” This is independence of thought, aware of our oneness in God, we make a conscious choice to choose our perception about any situation.

There is an old saying, “As long as one is bound, none are free”. How we think about ourselves also affects how we think about others. Do we attribute to others the same rights we hold for ourselves, and if not, why not? While we are celebrating Independence Day, in whatever way we are free to choose, let’s ask ourselves that question between mouthfuls of potato salad and baked beans. We may be surprised by the answer. Or not.

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

     Human beings live in communities which is really the foundation for relationship. Yes, there are “loners” and guess what, even they are still part of the whole community of humans living on planet Earth.  The English poet John Donne wrote that “No man is an island” and today I would add even if you try to be.
The density of population and the complexity of society really does not allow for isolation–no matter how far off the grid you get!
       This leaves us with a problem. For eons, the organizing human in our social structure was a male person whom we called “Father” and unless we are wearing blinders, we realize that the structure of society does change and has changed, and is now amazingly diverse. So what do we do with the third week in June which generally remembers, honors, discusses, and celebrates “Father”?
       We return to Principle and remember the functions of the idea of Father: a creating agent who brings forth into manifestation all its intentions for good. We have some names for that like God, Spirit, Energy, and whatever other name is written in our individual hearts with which we relate to our Creator.  Here is our fundamental and foundational relationship with the entire rest of humanity because this Being created us all, indwells us all, and lives and breathes us all. And loves US ALL.
      Now that is one amazing community! So let’s use the third Sunday in June to celebrate creative love, and not fret about pronouns and gender related words. Happy Creator Day.

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

On a beautifully warm, seemingly summer day, I think I have months ahead of me in which to “do the summer thing”. In a sense I do, and in another sense I don’t. We allow ourselves to be fooled by the appearance of endless summer, forgetting that ice and snow are but a few months away. Illusion says we have time; reality says we don’t.
That is why the call to be “in the moment” is urgent and we should do our best to answer it.  Yeah, but I’m so busy, we lament and envy those who apparently actually do take the time to smell the roses, or the jasmine, or the coffee, or even to curl up their nose at the smell of roadside exhaust fumes! What keeps us from being in THIS moment rather than rushing headlong into the next?
Is it that we don’t know what to look for, or listen for, or even smell for!? Our 4 footed friends lift their heads the better to see, hear, and smell the world around them. Their blessing is to not have a hand in which to hold a “thing” that captures and rivets their attention, while they miss what’s going by in the world. Don’t get me wrong. Technology and its products are not without function and purpose, but they have a place and a time. I’m speaking of a different moment.
It is a moment in time but not the time of our hurried pace in this world. It’s in the realm of perfect time, that time which is found in Spirit, and it invites us into Itself as our awareness opens to the God Moment. “Be still, and know that I am God.” And that we, all of us, are in that Presence, if we but take the time for the moment and let it flower within us, in all its fullness.
The next time someone says, “Have you got a moment?”, the answer is yes.

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

 The end of the month of May is both a closure and an opening. Spring is finally done and summer has already shown us glimpses of its sun and heat. School is almost over and the swimming pools are open! Joy and delight beckon us, and before we rush in, we stop for a moment and REMEMBER.
I ate breakfast this morning in my favorite “greasy spoon” and while on my third cup of coffee, I watched two men walk in–together but not quite together. One was younger and firmer of foot and faster, the other much older, slower, a little bent, and grizzled. I took in his clothes, his shuffle, his smile, and his nod to me, and my eyes traveled up to the cap on his head. As he passed by, I reached out and touched his arm and said, “Thank you, sir, for your service to our nation”. Our eyes met and held briefly. He leaned in toward me and said, “Thank you.”
REMEMBER on this weekend, and feel blessed by those who gave us their all, so we are still here to say thank you and be grateful.