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Rev. Linda Dominik shares Divine Ideas to uplift, inspire, and infill the soul.

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Newness is Usually Good

What? Isn’t newness always good? Not necessarily. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And, newness just for the sake of newness isn’t always necessary. When we start to speak of necessary, we are starting to speak of perception. Perception is open to error, especially when we judge by appearances. Perception is also colored by our attachment to the rightness of our perception. Oh, oh, the dog is chasing its tail!

Newness for the sake of newness is a lot like change for the sake of change. To be really worthwhile, each requires discernment. Discernment is the process of deciding the value of something among a number of options. There can be many criteria: efficiency, effectiveness, convenience, attractiveness, but the two most important may be outcome and value. How will this turn out and what will be its value? How will we/I make the choice?

That depends on the mind set in which newness is chosen. Newness is rarely good when it is chosen from fear. Fear clouds perception, confuses words heard and actions taken, inflames emotions, and does not distinguish between willfulness and reason. The ground of our being is unstable. We are at risk.

Newness is usually good when chosen from love. Love soothes, calms, refreshes, restores, comforts and knits up the raveled sleeve of community undone by a focus on difference rather than ONEness. Newness is usually good when it joins rather than severs and the outcome is a stable ground upon which peace is established for the ultimate good of all.

Newness is always good when its outcome is LOVE.©

Just Some People Or All People?

What did the Old Testament have to say about the creation of you and me? The older translations use the masculine pronouns he and him as in Gen 1:26, “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. Then Scripture continues “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Gen 1:27) Further in the story is the creation of woman. And this is how the world exists today: men and women.

What if we eliminated the pronouns and used gender neutral language, somewhat like this, Then God said, “Let us make people in our image, to be like ourselves. So God created people in God’s own image; God patterned them after itself; male and female God created them. (Gen 1:26 and 27, New Living Translation) That is it; that is who we all are: people made in God’s image and likeness.

This means no one is different from anyone else in the essence of being for God is pure spirit in and of itself. In human body forms there are male and female, black, brown, red, white, and yellow skin colors, too many eye colors to mention, and hair colors that are both original and manufactured. (Some of us are just never satisfied with original issue items!) All of these bodies can masticate, assimilate, eliminate, and replicate. All are gifted with the power of the spoken word but not in the same language.

We are all members of the same “tribe” but scattered across the surface of planet earth. We are the family called Humankind and the progeny of of ONE creator, even as it is named in infinite variety by its offspring, who pay homage in an infinite variety of ways and forms.

Therefore how can we call anyone “the other” when we understand the essential sameness of all of us? When we do, we are mistaken in our perception, fooled by false evidence of difference into losing our vision of our ONENESS. All are included in the promise of “I will be with you always” and none is excluded “sometimes”. The mirror is not the only place I see myself. All of us are the face of God. Look closely……with open eyes……and love.©

Spiritual Adults Make Choices Inspired by Wisdom

In his letter to the people of Corinth, Paul wrote at length on love and then slipped in a bit about how he thought as a child. Well, he thought like a child, because he was one. And then he became an adult and thought like one. How many of us are still thinking like children when it is time for us to be adults spiritually?

The most difficult part of living a spiritual life is making choices. No not like eggs or cereal for breakfast but the more serious ones like what career path shall I choose or with whom might I share my life. In reality, the simple ones, like eggs or cereal, are really practice for the serious ones. When we choose a healthier egg over an additive and sugar laden dry cereal, we are exercising discernment. We have made an evaluation of our options and said goodbye to the dyed fruit loops that attracted us as children and have chosen an egg, a natural food created by God to nourish our human bodies. This is God within us expressing as wisdom.

However, there has to be a ground of understanding upon which we base our choices of how to BE and how to DO. This is the presence of God within us, the ONE energy that governs the world. This must be the vision we hold and for that we need to follow the direction of Jesus who directed us to “Let your eye be single”. Paul also reminded us that there are many things to see in the world but that the greatest of them was love. God’s love for us is the ground of our understanding and this is what we need to see as we make all of our choices. There is only the ONE and we are it–all of us.

The Road To Jerusalem

The last Sunday in March is the celebration of Easter, a spiritual moment rich in its potential for experiencing God–within ourselves. Oh wait, isn’t it about Jesus dying on the Cross and saving us? If you choose to believe that, it is.

The celebration of Easter can be about something else. The story of Jesus in the Christian scriptures can also be our story. It can be our story of spiritual awareness unfolding each day of our lives. At the final moment when physical life ends we too enter into the eternity of ONENESS from which we emerged. We all walk a road to Jerusalem, every day

When we are born, our soul, the spiritual essence of us, incarnates. It takes on the body of a human being. Our physical form matures into adulthood, eventually aging, and moving beyond our known level of existence. What never ceases to exist however is our soul, which also evolves in its awareness of its relationship to God. Jesus called the relationship Father, and described it as within us. We call it the Christ Principle, and it is the enduring, eternal, loving presence of the Divine which is the active life force in us.

Easter resurrection is an experience for each of us at the end of our physical life. As Jesus demonstrated in his life, we transcend physical death and live eternally in the ONE energy of life.

Giving Thanks–Before Or After Receiving?

Wow! I’d really like that (fill in the blank), I’m going to put that on my treasure map/image board and when I get it–I’m going to give thanks! Yes indeed, as soon as it shows up in my life!

Do we say thank you before or after? What if we said thank you in the moment in which we thought of our desired outcome? In the very moment in which we thought of the tangible or intangible desire whether it was new shoes or a new life? “Oh but that doesn’t make sense; I haven’t got it yet.” Are you sure of that? Where did you look to see?

Did you look within, where the very IDEA of your desire rose in your conscious mind, which is an individualized expression of the ONE Mind which governs the universe and directs every expression of its ENERGY? If you thought of it, it is because it already exists within you, and awaits your calling it into manifestation by the expression of gratitude.

Spirit has told us, “Even before you have asked, I have answered.” Since what you desire is already known to the ONE SOURCE, and bringing it into manifestation is brought about by the expression of gratitude, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

The will of God for us is good, and “it is God’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom”–that which you have conceived in YOUR mind through the Presence of the ONE mind within you–doesn’t it make sense to say, “Thank you, I am grateful” all day long?!
It does to me!©

A Divine Idea Of Love-Rev. Linda Dominik

What possible reason could we have for believing that we are capable of love? By this I mean the true activity of the Divine expressing itself as itself. This is more than the soft feeling we have upon seeing a small child or a baby or the tenderness with which we pick up a tiny kitten or puppy. This is more even than love between two human beings. This is a divine energy in which we participate by virtue of the presence of God within us. It is an energy in which we live, move, and have our being, and without this energy of love, our lives would be devoid of joy.

We can not only aspire to be love, rather we can be confident that we are love, because that is the image in which we are made. All of Scripture tells us that God is love and Genesis tells us that we are made like unto God. Gen 1:26, “Then God said, “Let us make people in our image, to be like ourselves.”

The infinite Energy expressed Itself in the expanse of humankind. The billions of humans upon the earth at this moment are all made the same way, of the same Divine Matter which expresses itself in an uniquely individualized form. We know this because there are no two sets of fingerprints alike.

Here is the great paradox: infinite variation from the expression of ONE ENERGY. I am not you, and you are not I. And yet we are Made in the image of the ONE ENERGY, we are all love. We are created to be love in expression. And that expression originates in mind, the instrument of creation, and that is our purpose and intent, as we walk this planet.

Understanding this, how could we doubt that we are capable of love, for this is the essence and the nature of our being. Be it!©