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Reverend Linda L. Dominik has accepted the position as Minister and Spiritual Leader at Angels Landing Spiritual Center in Toledo. The Center, located at 2400 North Reynolds, was founded by Reverend Gloria S. Moorehead who now serves as Minister Emerita.

Reverend Dominik brings 28 years of ministerial experience in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio where she has served as Senior Minister, Associate Minister and Co-Minister and all aspects of unfolding spirituality in community. She earned her Bachelors Degree in English Literature in her home town of Rochester, New York, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology and ministerial education from Unity Institute, Unity Village, Missouri. Her varied life experiences including Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkey, living in Latin America and Western Europe as well as extensive travel have given her an appreciation for the diversity of cultures and spiritual expressions united in seeking God’s love.

Reverend Dominik’s formal installation celebration on Sunday, November 15, will be officiated by Martha Creek, well known Certified Facilitator of “The Work” of Byron Katie. Martha Creek will also be at Angels Landing on Saturday for her workshop, “Living in Joy/Loving What Is!” You can still reserve space for Martha Creek’s Saturday workshop by calling: 419-531-1700.

Angels Landing Spiritual Center is an independent, “New Thought” church which embraces spiritual self-discovery and the principle that we are many in the Divine One. Services at Angels Landing are held at 10:30 each Sunday. More information is available on the website: or by calling 419-531-1700 during normal business hours.

More on the Advent Adventure in December from Rev. Linda Dominik

We are all very aware that the Christmas Season is really about LOVE. The message that the Child, who was born about this time, gave when he grew to adulthood was a message of universal and unconditional love for one another, without reservation, and no restriction. There are no pre-requisites we have to meet in order to receive it. Well, there might be one. After all the angels (deliverers of the message at the moment) did say, “Peace on earth to men/women of GOOD WILL”. Aye, there’s the rub, as the poet would say.

What if we aren’t already in a good space of GOOD WILL, does that mean we might miss out? No, God’s LOVE is universal. Our human receiving and sending equipment might not be working so well though. Hardened hearts don’t hear well. And they can’t send out what they didn’t hear.

So, I guess it’s on us, if we are going to get the message of LOVE.
Just in case we are not up to par, we have an excellent fix-it tool: forgiveness. If we are going to be living in LOVE, we fix our own heart first. We accept ourselves as we are, lovingly, then we accept love from others and send it back. It really is about being will-ing to be that LOVE in which the Christ Child was born and then living in the LOVE he taught. I’d say it’s a pretty good Christmas present.

More on the Advent Adventure in December from Rev. Linda Dominik

In the first week’s message about Advent, we talked about having Faith as we embark on this journey of exploration within ourselves. This is a willingness to believe we can achieve what we desire.

And when we set forth on a journey, there is often a certain amount of stress about the uncertainties we might encounter on the way. Peace is what is required. A wise man said, and several other people have repeated it, “There is no way to Peace; Peace is the way.” Peace is not something we pluck off a branch like an apple, nor can we open a can of it and drink it. It is never outside of us. It is however, already within and our choice is to recognize it.

That can take some effort on our part. When chaos seems everywhere and it’s too dark see the door, what can we do? Sit down on the floor and breathe. No! It can’t be that simple! You’re right, it’s not…and yet it works. It works because it’s a metaphor, a symbol, something to which we impart meaning.

It means STOP whatever you are doing, and do something else. Breathing consciously is actually a very good action. When we give oxygen to the brain, it actually works better. Really.

We disconnect from the “whatever it is” and discover there is a place within us that is sacred, silent, safe. And we can go there because Peace is a consciousness we have accessed on numerous other occasions. It’s always ours, and always with us on the journey.

The Christmas Season

All right. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. I guess we can say the Christmas Season has begun. Really? I think NOT. Not the real Christmas season. The one that is on December 25 and commemorates and celebrates the birth of a child. Not just any child, but one who would grow to an adult and have an impact on humankind and the world. Not just for a few years of his public career, not just for centuries long after he departed this life experience, but FOREVER.

Jesus had a message, delivered it to a relatively small number of people in one part of the world, died young, and that might have been that. But it wasn’t. The rest, as they say, is History.

No, it is far more than that. And it is far more than that WHETHER or not you believe he was God Incarnate. What?!
Yes, the power of the message of Jesus Christ does not depend on the premise that he is divine. His message is about the intrinsic essence of human beings. And what is that? That something greater than our personal perception of ourself is the life principle that moves us each day in our expression of the noblest qualities of which we are capable: Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of them is LOVE, encompassing all others and our primary motive for being.

The REAL Christmas Season begins this Sunday, December 3 with the season of Advent. It is a time of a 4 week exploration of what the message means WITHIN each one of us, as it gives impetus to our daily choices of how to be who we are in our world.

And oh yes, ironically, it starts with the concept of FAITH.

Linda Dominik

This Sunday, October 22nd!

Join Rev. Linda Dominik this Sunday, at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is,
“Wear a mask, if you need one, until you don’t any longer.”
Theme: How we mask ourselves, until we are brave enough to be real. It’s about living an authentic life.
Music: Lori Lefevre Johnson and John Johnson
Angels Landing Spiritual Center
2400 N Reynolds Rd.Toledo, Oh 43615

Halloween Is More Than The Candy Corn!

At the end of this month comes some people’s favorite holiday! It’s when we can dress up as we “wannabe” perhaps expressing our dreams, ambitions, and fantasies, or just escaping reality for a short while. There is a spiritual quality to this holiday, and not the one for which it originated. We do not run through the night with lanterns and burning torches to scare away unwanted spirits! Psychology has come far enough to drive away our illusions about that issue!

So what purpose could our made-up faces and costumes serve, and is there a legitimate use for them? Quite simply for fun, and more seriously, as a means to explore and discover new possibilities for expressing all our “not yet fully expressed or realized” aspects of the divine within us!

Since we do recognize the power of thought and its out-picturing, maybe it’s time to be done with ghouls, devils, zombies, and other forms NONE of us really “wannabe”!

A well known public figure once coined the phrase, “make a zif”.
What in the world is a zif? It is the image of how you desire to be, in other words, “make as if” YOU are already that!

Of course we are speaking of the characteristics of our spiritual inheritance, our Divinity Within Us as The Christ! So, if we are feeling a little weak, maybe we dress as the strong man/woman and carry around a fake 200 pound dumbbell! Do we need a little divine order, let’s dress like an efficiency expert—however that looks to us! Then we really are allowing thoughts held in mind to express as their kind, and fulfilling our destiny as individualized expressions of God! And, have a Happy Halloween!

The Leaves Drift By My Window

The leaves drift by my window
Falling softly to the withering grass.
They just let go
Without urging,
Without force,
Without resistance.

From the depths of their being,
They respond to the innate call
Of wisdom within.
Every autumn the process renews,
Freeing them from their burden.
Surrendering to peace and rest.

Can I let fall with the same grace
The angers, the resentments, the
Bindings to pain?
Can I receive the
Freedom of forgiveness,
By giving it freely?

I let go,
I let love
Guide each release
With tenderness.
I give the gift of freedom
That I AM.
Rev. Linda Dominik©

This Sunday, October 1st!

Join Rev. Linda Dominik tomorrow, at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is,
“Are you ready to drop a dime on someone?”
Angels Landing Spiritual Center
2400 N Reynolds Rd.
Toledo, Oh 43615

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

It says, “In the beginning, God created…” and then there is a nice list of things, including human beings. It doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to this theory, or any other possible theories about the origin of WHAT IS, this was not a “once and done” project.  The Creation is still in the works, today, tomorrow, and everyday in the fullness of time.

Except that now, we’re IT! As individualized expressions of the creative energy, we are the ones who bring into visibility WHAT IS.

How are we doing? Each one of us answers that question according to an inner set of values viewed in the light of an inventory taken with rigorous honesty. And then what? More of the same OR something different? The. choice is ours.

We begin in mind with the power of thought, articulate the vision with power of the spoken word, and move into the action of creation with our whole being. All day. Everyday. In the beginning…

This Sunday, September 17th!

Join Rev. Linda Dominik tomorrow at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is,
“In the beginning, God created…again, again, and again…”
Music Guest: Christopher Joseph
Angels Landing Spiritual Center
2400 N Reynolds Rd Suite A Toledo Ohio

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

Many of us spend a huge amount of time seeking God, however we define this concept. We so desperately want to see God because we need what some people call “God with skin on!”

Yes truly, because every living person is an individualized expression of God! Are you kidding? What about __________, fill in the blank with the name of your least favorite person! Oh gosh, might that be yourself?! For too many of us, it may well be, because we have been erroneously defined as broken sinners in need of saving! Well okay, not yourself, but for sure him/her over there because after all you are trying but they sure aren’t! Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Either way, it’s the same. It is EVERYBODY!!!
For sure?
Yes for sure!
In the book of Genesis, 1:26, it is unequivocal: “God created humankind in God’s image and likeness.” Not just the good/nice people? Nope, even the bad/nasty people! God simply created us and endowed us with free will; this helps explain good/bad BEHAVIOR. Our choices in thought, word, and deed bring forth the differentiation. Our Essence IS that of our Creator: all good expressing as love.
Well, there’s a can of worms with the lid popped off! Even that #*#*# who lives up my street or that _____on TV?! EVERYBODY!!!
So, now what do I do? Look in the mirror of life around yourself and JUDGE NOT! WHAT??? Hey, that’s my right and privilege! No, that’s your homework in the school of life! Accept that all is an expression of God! And only YOURS is your responsibility!
Find the nearest mirror, look into your eyes, and work!