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My soul is that of a young kitten,
bright-eyed with perky ears,
very keen to sights and sounds,
energetic, so playful
jumping and leaping
with tail high in the air-
maybe my soul’s antenna!

Should I discover my soul is NOT
a kitten, but a small fish,
I know I’ll be ready to swim
anywhere, anytime,

Jeanne Hubay©


Life is dynamic, not static at all, ever.
We are never completely satisfied.
We are never 100% “on top of things”.
We have periods of rest,
Then we get up and go again.

Life leads us in its dance.
And we follow.
Sometimes we can choose the music,
Sometimes not,
But the dance goes on.

This Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks
for my “dance partners”, my family, my friends.
You have swept me off my feet
with you caring, loving ways.
Add creative fun to our dance
and life is a Happy Dance!

Feel blessed,
Jeanne Hubay©

January Spoken & Written Word

“Affirmative the positive” was the theme at the January meeting of the writers from “The Spoken & Written Word.”

Poetry Saves Lives


A poet stills herself
And listens
To words that monitor her heart rate
And beats out fret and strife
Words that vibrate hope and wonder.

Where does her mind go
When it  hears words
Written with quiet wonder
Or keen expectation of a
Glorious celebration?

Perhaps her mind lets go
And meshes with an unseen self
And makes a connection to All that Is –
Where no one or anything
Can interfere with her saving lives.©

                      Jeanne Hubay
                      June 15, 2014

In Fair Weather


I love life in fair weather;
I feel alive and hopeful.
In lilac-sweetened Spring,
I love living.

The aroma of fresh-mown grass
Fills me with gratitude.
And when a gentle breeze tickles my neck
The earth’s breath assures me we are one.

Soon the dim afternoon light tantalizes
My mystical notions, and
I enjoy respite from human cares.

I love life in stormy weather,
When sheets of rain race in the air,
Then disappear, as if purposefully.
Thunder is a reminder of nature’s power.

I love life in all kinds of weather.
…and I Love You!


Someone I Loved


Someone I loved died yesterday. You may ask “Was it a friend?”
I would have to say “yes”, it was indeed a friend, a friend of the utmost devotion. No, not to me. He was a friend of the animal kingdom and the environment of our beloved planet Earth.

This man, Steve Irwin, who hunted crocodiles, became an icon of
adventure, an icon of energy, an icon of enthusiasm. But “icon” sounds too small to describe the largeness of this man.

I loved this man, for he touched something in me that loves all that he loved. It’s no wonder that he became known and loved around the world. Steve hunted crocodiles, not to hurt them, not to exploit them. Steve would not hurt anything–no human being, no animal, no environment. Yet, he died doing what he loved doing, in his cherished environment. He died while making a film for his beloved daughter, Bindie.

It is no wonder that Steve became a true friend to all. But it IS a wonder that his life ended at the “hands” of one of God’s water creatures. There is no way to explain this to his children, or to children around the world.

Steve was “taken out”, and I join the world in mourning this tragic loss.©

God Bless You Terry, Bindie, and Bob.

Jeanne Hubay


The March Spoken and Written Word

The March 2016 meeting of our “Spoken and Written Word” group met at Angels’ Landing on March 4th at 1:00. Norma chose our topic of “War and Conflict” this month. The subject of “peace” was an option, which was more comfortable for a couple of us. Margie had grief on her mind as her husband, Carl, made his transition a few months ago. She read from her journal about her loss as well as her gratitude for Carl and their relationship. Lois shared a letter she wrote that was published in “The Readers’ Forum” of THE BLADE. The letter spoke of her concern of the barbaric treatment of females in other countries. So this is what we do each first Friday of each month– sharing poetry, concerns, and always our hearts. Margie has chosen the topic for April: “Ekphrastic Poetry”. You can Google this unique approach to poetry – or just come join us on April 1st as we learn together what it’s all about.
Jeanne Hubay