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A Letter From God Part Three

Why not live to just Be on a planet that you’ve come
to share your light with?

You don’t need to tell people how to live – you need
to Show people how to live.

Take a situation you are experiencing, and quickly
surrender it and step aside and allow yourself to Become
greater than the situation in your life.

You then are not battling the situation, your Blessing it
– and giving it over to Christ Consciousness to handle.

It’s Being Loving – Allowing – Growing – Glowing,
and leaving the rest for God to handle.

Ask yourself “What would Love do?”
in every situation you encounter.

So that—

Your answer comes from your Heart (a diamond you possess)
Not just your five senses, or your reasoning mind.

Quickly surrender and Give Over, Forgive Anything
that’s upsetting you.

Now, light your candle and with Gratitude – Celebrate Being
the Recipient of the perfect outcome for your soul.

Hold that posture for a moment, and then let it go…

And send it forth to manifest.

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 7/14/13

A Letter From God Part Two

Why do you believe you are unworthy to receive
all of God’s diamonds?

You are God’s child, a child of Love, with the DNA that goes
along with that acknowledgment. Can you believe that?
If not, WHY?
You either believe it or you don’t. What you believe
you are. What you focus on you become.

Where do you stand on that question?

In your search for truth – Why don’t we find the goodness
that lives within us? The Diamonds, our Unlived Life.

So that – We can then live from that road map, and find our
True Self easily and forget about being in control or
having to be right, which blocks our growth.

What is wrong with Being and Living from a new tapestry
that we believe in – before we even see it, to believe it?

Celebrate it, and become our own “Hero.”


Can’t you see yourself as Love, as I made you? Perfect,
all you have to do is remember who you really are.

Why are you waiting to die to live and leave your Legacy?

Why not live it daily in honor of being my only child?
In whom I Am well pleased.

Don’t you believe that? If not –


Excerpt Gloria Moorehead 7/14/13

A Letter From God

Have you ever received a letter from God, stating that you will
never find and feel loved, until you love yourself enough to
know you deserve to be loved? Fully, Freely, and RIGHT NOW!

Make a covenant with yourself, then you will by the
“Law of attraction” draw into your life – Pure “Love,”
this is a Christ like frequency.

It is a high frequency, it’s an inner knowing.
It becomes one of your diamonds.

Love and worthiness is more than a word. It’s an “Aura,” it’s a “Magnet,” and the magnet must be magnetized by you. You
must feel it, acknowledge it, know it, and live it.

No one can give it to you. It’s a precious diamond that lives
inside of you. Waiting so patiently to be “Recognized, Owned, Accepted, and Allowed.”

It is our “Unlived Life.” It waits – for you and me to align with it.
How awesome is that?


Why do we own what’s wrong with us so easily, and feel
it’s narcissistic to be the recipient of all of God’s diamonds?


Why do we not feel deserving of the beauty and blessing that
love can add to our life?

The letter goes on to you and me.

WHY? It asks – It’s asking you and me!

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 7/14/13

Owner’s Manual Part Three!

You are responsible for what seems to happen in your life.

Your conscious mind is your window to the world. It
lives from its system of beliefs. It makes
choices and decisions.

Beliefs about who we think we are. It’s called our “Ego”
and it’s based on the “Circle of life” and our training as a child.

But the Bible states: When I was a child I acted like a child,
but I need to grow up and out of my childish ways.

At Angels Landing Spiritual Center, we come together to lay down
our childish ways. We are grounded in living a life of
excellence and integrity.

Let us go forward this week with a “Calm Certainty”
that we are on the right path toward a freedom of being
right with our God and living from a new attitude,
posture, thought, and feeling.

We are not alone on this journey. Take time to talk
it over with your partner who lives within your heart.
You can call it I Am, God, Holy Spirit, Higher Power,
what feels right for you.

You are partnering with a God who loves and
guides you every day in every way

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 3/12/12

Owner’s Manual

When you purchase a new car you get an “Owners Manual”.
When you’re born you think you don’t get one, but you do.
It’s called “The Circle of Christ.”

As we know, our body is the container for our essence, our
sacred side. We on earth call it God, or I Am, or Higher Power.
And it seems to be controlled by what we think.

Our body is also the container for our beliefs and perceptions,
and what we gather with our five senses and are taught
by our world. We call it consciousness-
what we are conscious of.

Our parent’s didn’t have an “Owners Manual.” They taught
us what their parents or life itself had taught them.
It’s all they knew. They did the best they could at the time
with what they had to work with.

We have found that what they withheld from us, we need
to become. That was what we signed on for. To develop
what we felt was missing. In order to do that, we must
Recall and Correct – or Unlearn what’s causing us pain.

We cannot allow our past to rule our choices today,
so we’ve come together with a group of people who
want the same thing.

To master the mystery of who we are and return to the
“Circle of Christ” – especially innocence, love, serenity,
joy. The choice to love what you do and do what you love.

Our friends didn’t get a “Owners Manual” either, so they
don’t always understand our urge to allow, flow, grow,
and know ourselves in a deeper way.

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 3/12/12

Where Are You At On The Journey? Part Three!

I, less and less feel a desire – from my conscious mind –
now it’s a “nudge” that seems to come from the inside of
my HEART! It needs me to understand and know that
the “reasoning mind” is finished and the
“Realization” of who I really am is taking over…
or at least they are “married” with each other.

Maybe we need both! To appreciate that we must “let go”
to GROW – not just once, but like a “phoenix” we need
to rise again and again! We exist to gather – BE – the Light
that is already present within us! To show yourself who
you really are and then show others so they can be
awakened too! In other words, again,
there is no one to imitate – but we remember WHO
we really are and can BE!

On the “wings of love” through expressions of
unconditional love and acceptance of “what is” –
we finally lay down any fear of what we might lose
and realize that we stand to GAIN a NEW LIFE
and an “ALIVENESS” that is a picture to
ourselves and to others on the journey!

That “ALIVENESS” shows others what their
“search and discovery” is all about. It’s about BELIEVING
not just a new way of receiving that “new car,”
but how we “birth and deliver” a NEW LIFE – a new
Identity – called “THE AWAKENING!” ©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 6/30/13

Where Are You At On The Journey? Part Two

I have found in my daily journey that I need to stay
close to the Presence in the NOW and live from that
MOMENT…not the past or the future! One step at a
time! I was never really good at multitasking, but we
are in a world of DOING a lot of things at one time
and never really ENJOYING them…
and that includes the art of LISTENING!

They say that God lives in the space between the
words, but there doesn’t seem to be any space
for the SILENCE or for the “Presence of LOVE”
in our life! We are too busy! Too busy filling
our life with “doing” and “busy-ness!”

What is this “Mastery,” I asked, that I feel so
URGED to uncover and examine?

We walked through and dealt with “RECOVERY” and we
were sick and tired of being sick and tired – and that worked!
The REASON continues – then we were introduced to
DISCOVERY and our desire to wed our “humanness”
with our “Divinity” and to emerge less limited and more
Divinely Inspired…through this “marriage”
(I DO, I WILL) that would be our “INTENTION.” ©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 6/30/13

Where Are YOU At On the Journery?

Where are YOU at on the journey?

We need to SURRENDER all we’ve moved through
to be taught from our inner world – the
Art of Self-Mastery!

All you need is an “urge” – a belief – a knowing –
that to get there you have to quit “trying”
and just “BE” what you are looking for! Then
CELEBRATE with all your heart what that would
feel like and LET IT GO!!! You just uncover,
allow, and accept it as your next step
on your journey!

The only instructions our Master is there to
give us is to DROP FEAR and LIVE FROM
LOVE.. In EVERYTHING you say and do!

The plot deepens – because few people are WILLING
to give up what they think they know to learn what
they know not yet! The word is WILLING! They are
not willing to change their mind!©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 6/30/13

“Touchstone Of Truth” Part Two!

So, our story – yours and mine – unfolds and shows us that
if we stay “awake” we discover what next step to take.
I realize now that what I see in life – and what I see
in others – I have to have inside of me to be able to
see it in you! WOW! That pertains to either “good” or “bad!”
What does that look like?

If someone explodes at me and I know it’s their “stuff” and yet,
I always double check with myself to see if I am holding
the same “charge” so that I can disarm it. The bottom line
is that we all need the best of both worlds! We need the
“outer world” – the FORCE – where we live – the “mirror”
and we need the “inner world” – the sacred side of who
we really are and what we live “from.” We “remember”
ourselves to such an extent that we return to meaning,
love, innocence, humility, joy and serenity! Marry the two
into a ONENESS – so bright – that like a candle it will
“light up the darkness!”

The world says we’re not good enough! I’m flawed – but the
Divine Intelligence says “I love who you are, who you
have been and who you are becoming. That’s the
COVENANT that YOU have with YOURSELF! That inner
voice says, “I believe in you, I am well pleased, you are my
child and your completion is ready not only to find
but to open, assimilate and OWN and LIVE FROM”
with your “life script” of love, innocence, joy, wellness,
humility and “ONENESS!”

There is only one Power and you have identified it, opened
it and live from it! You have “owned” it and it is your
identity. How does it feel to BE awake, free, complete
and filled with wisdom and understanding?

How does it feel to finally know – who you are – not what
you’ve been told you are? How does it feel to “feel like”
you have earned it and deserve to BE it?©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 6/2/13

Touchstone Of Truth

LIFE happens – we need to evaluate
and learn from what happens daily –
and do our very best with what we have
uncovered and live from that for now.

Be an EXAMPLE to the world of what
we came to be! A “touchstone of
truth” – a life coach – a candle
in the wind!

The world is full of FORCE –
“do it this way!” That allows
me to remember the POWER “I AM.”
To remember that I am a partner
with the Creator of the world
who loves and believes in me.

Oh I felt it – the fear – but I
did what I had to do anyway
and grew from it into a strong
woman – knowing how using
thought and feeling and acting
“as if” works. It lifts you
to a higher vantage point so
you can see things with
more love and joy!

I was trained by what I didn’t
get – to BE and become what
I’ve come to BE! What I wanted
and didn’t get, I became –
what about YOU? Think about it!©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 6/2/13