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Haiku are poems that use sensory language to capture a feeling or image. They are often inspired by an element of nature, a moment of beauty, or another poignant experience. It was originally developed by Japanese poets.

Haiku Inspired by African Safari

Kenya game reserves —
Man’s attempt to keep the best
Of God’s wild creatures.©

Regal king of beasts,
The male loin rules o’er his
Harem of hunters.©

Giant-sized high rise
First constructed by termites
Sub-let by mongoose.©

The spotted giraffe
Towers o’er everyone
But can’t boast of it.©

Primitive lifestyle
Engulf”d by a modern world —
Maasai tribespeople.©

Sought by poachers,
The two-horned bull-dozers roam —
Rhino brinkmanship.©

Concern for the young,
Respect for the matriarch:
Elephant herd.©

A smattering of
Spots on a sleek yellow field —
African cheetah.©

Masterpieces of
Elegant design and speed
Kenya’s antelope.©

Hyena hijack
Prey of the other hunters
Wild one-up-manship.©

Varied climes, terrain
Provide homes for birds and beasts
of Kenya’s great parks.©

Red drap’d Samburu
Dance and leap while their mates chant,
clap and undulate.©

Sandpapery skin,
Poacher-bait for its horns,
The Rhino prevails.©

Zebra’s coat is quite
Recognizable, but his
Temper — sizable.©

Cafe for giraffes,
Landlord to weaver bird nests —
Acacia trees.©
By Lois Kolasinski