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January Spoken & Written Word

“Affirmative the positive” was the theme at the January meeting of the writers from “The Spoken & Written Word.”

Tree #1


A simple tree! You say
A simple tree? Nay I say
A tree is not simple,
I see many dimples!
Dimples carved over time;
Dimples tell stories Divine.
1 dimple is a carving
made by lovers
Another dimple is a cut
Oh so deep never healing
All dimples are colorful
For each tells a story

A simple tree,
No, it has many stories to tell.©

Alma Bodi

Three Irish Tenors

Why War, Why? Why?? Why???
This Is Everyone’s Cry;
Why? Why?? Why???
Let Us Give Peace A Try;
Let Us Embrace One Another;
Each of Us Is A Brother;
A Brother To One Another;
If Not, I May Be Your Mother;
As We Cry
Let Us Give Peace Another Try!!©

Alma Bodi
March 25, 2001


Peace is soooo beautiful!
It feeds and inspires the soul. I’m
for more and more more
Now and always.

It has been a while
Since I have felt this peace.
A peace that passeth all understanding.

Only if you have been here where I am
Could you possibly understand
Where I Am.

I delight and enjoy this space.
A space that I wish I could share with others.
One day they will arrive here and understand
For it is only in understanding that we understand..©

Alma Bodi
June 6