More on the Advent Adventure in December from Rev. Linda Dominik

We are all very aware that the Christmas Season is really about LOVE. The message that the Child, who was born about this time, gave when he grew to adulthood was a message of universal and unconditional love for one another, without reservation, and no restriction. There are no pre-requisites we have to meet in order to receive it. Well, there might be one. After all the angels (deliverers of the message at the moment) did say, “Peace on earth to men/women of GOOD WILL”. Aye, there’s the rub, as the poet would say.

What if we aren’t already in a good space of GOOD WILL, does that mean we might miss out? No, God’s LOVE is universal. Our human receiving and sending equipment might not be working so well though. Hardened hearts don’t hear well. And they can’t send out what they didn’t hear.

So, I guess it’s on us, if we are going to get the message of LOVE.
Just in case we are not up to par, we have an excellent fix-it tool: forgiveness. If we are going to be living in LOVE, we fix our own heart first. We accept ourselves as we are, lovingly, then we accept love from others and send it back. It really is about being will-ing to be that LOVE in which the Christ Child was born and then living in the LOVE he taught. I’d say it’s a pretty good Christmas present.

More on the Advent Adventure in December from Rev. Linda Dominik

In the first week’s message about Advent, we talked about having Faith as we embark on this journey of exploration within ourselves. This is a willingness to believe we can achieve what we desire.

And when we set forth on a journey, there is often a certain amount of stress about the uncertainties we might encounter on the way. Peace is what is required. A wise man said, and several other people have repeated it, “There is no way to Peace; Peace is the way.” Peace is not something we pluck off a branch like an apple, nor can we open a can of it and drink it. It is never outside of us. It is however, already within and our choice is to recognize it.

That can take some effort on our part. When chaos seems everywhere and it’s too dark see the door, what can we do? Sit down on the floor and breathe. No! It can’t be that simple! You’re right, it’s not…and yet it works. It works because it’s a metaphor, a symbol, something to which we impart meaning.

It means STOP whatever you are doing, and do something else. Breathing consciously is actually a very good action. When we give oxygen to the brain, it actually works better. Really.

We disconnect from the “whatever it is” and discover there is a place within us that is sacred, silent, safe. And we can go there because Peace is a consciousness we have accessed on numerous other occasions. It’s always ours, and always with us on the journey.


My soul is that of a young kitten,
bright-eyed with perky ears,
very keen to sights and sounds,
energetic, so playful
jumping and leaping
with tail high in the air-
maybe my soul’s antenna!

Should I discover my soul is NOT
a kitten, but a small fish,
I know I’ll be ready to swim
anywhere, anytime,

Jeanne Hubay©

The Christmas Season

All right. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. I guess we can say the Christmas Season has begun. Really? I think NOT. Not the real Christmas season. The one that is on December 25 and commemorates and celebrates the birth of a child. Not just any child, but one who would grow to an adult and have an impact on humankind and the world. Not just for a few years of his public career, not just for centuries long after he departed this life experience, but FOREVER.

Jesus had a message, delivered it to a relatively small number of people in one part of the world, died young, and that might have been that. But it wasn’t. The rest, as they say, is History.

No, it is far more than that. And it is far more than that WHETHER or not you believe he was God Incarnate. What?!
Yes, the power of the message of Jesus Christ does not depend on the premise that he is divine. His message is about the intrinsic essence of human beings. And what is that? That something greater than our personal perception of ourself is the life principle that moves us each day in our expression of the noblest qualities of which we are capable: Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of them is LOVE, encompassing all others and our primary motive for being.

The REAL Christmas Season begins this Sunday, December 3 with the season of Advent. It is a time of a 4 week exploration of what the message means WITHIN each one of us, as it gives impetus to our daily choices of how to be who we are in our world.

And oh yes, ironically, it starts with the concept of FAITH.

Linda Dominik


Life is dynamic, not static at all, ever.
We are never completely satisfied.
We are never 100% “on top of things”.
We have periods of rest,
Then we get up and go again.

Life leads us in its dance.
And we follow.
Sometimes we can choose the music,
Sometimes not,
But the dance goes on.

This Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks
for my “dance partners”, my family, my friends.
You have swept me off my feet
with you caring, loving ways.
Add creative fun to our dance
and life is a Happy Dance!

Feel blessed,
Jeanne Hubay©

Explore! Discover! Choose!

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