Change for Change

An idea born from a conversation with Bonnie and Joe who shared they had been making donations over the years to a wonderful organization known as Heifer International.

“Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.”

During the summer of 2014 we were discussing what might be our next outreach program at Angels Landing and given what Bonnie and Joe shared with us…Heifer International seemed like the perfect fit!  While talking about Heifer and what they do it dawned on us that we all have change in the bottom of our purses, in our pockets, sitting on our clothes dryers in the laundry room or even just laying around on the nightstands by our beds or on top of the dressers in our bedrooms.  It was during that conversation that “Change for Change” was born at Angels Landing.

Malinda brought in a wine jug (think communion) hehe, so that anyone who wanted to could add their change to the jar and make a change!

The very  next week we launched our Change for Change program in earnest as we announced “Change for Change” to everyone in attendance at our regularly scheduled Sunday Service!

That morning everyone joined in as we all agreed that Change for Change would be adopted as our new charity and we joined hands and hearts in our commitment to purchase our first “flock-of-chicks” and make a donation from Angels Landing to a needy family through Heifer International.

Soon one of our resident artists, Marjory (Margie is the artist who painted the murals on the walls at Angels Landing) started painting pictures of the different animals we were purchasing with the donations to Change for Change.  She started cutting them out and they began popping up in different places on the walls at Angels Landing!

A flock of chicks only cost $20.00.   And a flock consists of 10 to 50 chicks!  And since a hen can lay up to 200 eggs every year, each family that receives our ‘flock of chicks’ will have a good source of protein for their family!  They can share the eggs with other families, or even sell them.   After all, chicks don’t require a lot of space, and can thrive on scraps of food.

The response from our Angels has been amazing. The second Sunday we decided to count our change, it sure looked like we had a good start. When we reached the $20.00 mark, we all cheered! Are you ready for this? One of our Angels, Dan, walked up to the table and laid a $20.00 bill down and said, ”Buy another flock.” WooHoo! Thank you Dan!  But that’s not all.  We weren’t done counting.  Our Angels Landing congregation, in just two Sunday’s had raised $126.00!  Now that’s prosperity!

As made the announcement the following Sunday, we cheered again!  So that week we voted to buy a beehive!  A beehive costs $30.00.  When a beehive is placed strategically, they can actually double local fruit and vegetable yields through natural pollination.  That could boost a whole village!  After church, two more Angels, Dick and Earl, came forward and gave us $30.00.  They shared, “This is for the bees.”  Wow!  Now we have two beehives!!

Then it dawned on Bonnie, we need an Arc!  We love to have fun here and we love to create.  And since we are so blessed with talented artists we are going to be working on doing just that!

Now if you been adding up what we have donated to this point you know we have $76.00 left.  We voted last Sunday to go for the Goat!!!

A goat costs $120.00. A goat can give up to several quarts of milk a day. Extra milk can be sold, or they can make cheese or yogurt. They can use the manure to fertilize garden.  And because goats often have two or even three kids a year, they can lift themselves out of poverty by starting small dairies.

Stay tuned… We have more change to count!  I see goats in our future…



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