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This Sunday, January 28th!

Join Rev. Joanna Thompson Gabriel tomorrow, January 28th, at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is,
“The Circle of Faith”
Using principles of truth, scripture, story and song, this lesson explores the circle (process) of steadfast faith and the power of “praying through” to victory.
Music: Lori Lefevre Johnson and John Johnson
Angels Landing Spiritual Center
2400 N Reynolds Suite A
Toledo, OH 43615

“Rockin’ Ritin’ from the Rev” by Reverend Linda Dominik

Don’t you just love it when Friday rolls around? What a great day, we survived the week, have made it over “hump day”, and now it’s the end! The end of what? Even if we aren’t still in a 9-5 work world, we still love Friday! It’s in our DNA. What if everyday felt like Friday-even Monday!

Scripture has told us that this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad on it. Oh wait, isn’t that Sunday? Only if you are a Christian. It’s Friday if you are Muslim, and Saturday if you are Jewish. At least those are the ones I know, maybe there are other days for other people. Actually, it’s any day and everyday that the Holy One of us all has made, and we can be glad and rejoice in it and on it.

Of course there is a how to do it. Every good idea starts in Mind, the Divine Intelligence within us, that moves us in directions that bring us the peace, love, and joy which is the good God wills for us daily. If we really believe this-that God’s will for us is good-then everyday is a TGIF day whether it’s Tuesday or Thursday or even Monday. Our first thought is gratitude.


Gratitude is a change in attitude, attitude is a conscious change in perception, and perception is my personal reality. Whatever my perception of what something is, is the driving force for all my choices. And choices create the life we experience.

Change your thinking, change your life,

And every day is a FRIDAY!