This Sunday, October 22nd!

Join Rev. Linda Dominik this Sunday, at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is,
“Wear a mask, if you need one, until you don’t any longer.”
Theme: How we mask ourselves, until we are brave enough to be real. It’s about living an authentic life.
Music: Lori Lefevre Johnson and John Johnson
Angels Landing Spiritual Center
2400 N Reynolds Rd.Toledo, Oh 43615

Halloween Is More Than The Candy Corn!

At the end of this month comes some people’s favorite holiday! It’s when we can dress up as we “wannabe” perhaps expressing our dreams, ambitions, and fantasies, or just escaping reality for a short while. There is a spiritual quality to this holiday, and not the one for which it originated. We do not run through the night with lanterns and burning torches to scare away unwanted spirits! Psychology has come far enough to drive away our illusions about that issue!

So what purpose could our made-up faces and costumes serve, and is there a legitimate use for them? Quite simply for fun, and more seriously, as a means to explore and discover new possibilities for expressing all our “not yet fully expressed or realized” aspects of the divine within us!

Since we do recognize the power of thought and its out-picturing, maybe it’s time to be done with ghouls, devils, zombies, and other forms NONE of us really “wannabe”!

A well known public figure once coined the phrase, “make a zif”.
What in the world is a zif? It is the image of how you desire to be, in other words, “make as if” YOU are already that!

Of course we are speaking of the characteristics of our spiritual inheritance, our Divinity Within Us as The Christ! So, if we are feeling a little weak, maybe we dress as the strong man/woman and carry around a fake 200 pound dumbbell! Do we need a little divine order, let’s dress like an efficiency expert—however that looks to us! Then we really are allowing thoughts held in mind to express as their kind, and fulfilling our destiny as individualized expressions of God! And, have a Happy Halloween!

This Sunday, October 15th!

Join Rev. Joanna Thompson Gabriel tomorrow at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is, “Hidden Treasures”
Music: Lori Lefevre Johnson and John Johnson

The Leaves Drift By My Window

The leaves drift by my window
Falling softly to the withering grass.
They just let go
Without urging,
Without force,
Without resistance.

From the depths of their being,
They respond to the innate call
Of wisdom within.
Every autumn the process renews,
Freeing them from their burden.
Surrendering to peace and rest.

Can I let fall with the same grace
The angers, the resentments, the
Bindings to pain?
Can I receive the
Freedom of forgiveness,
By giving it freely?

I let go,
I let love
Guide each release
With tenderness.
I give the gift of freedom
That I AM.
Rev. Linda Dominik©