This Sunday, July 23rd!

Join us tomorrow at 10:30am!
Rev. Linda’s talk title is,
Jesus: Scenes from a life. How Did People See Jesus? Part III
Music : Lori Lefevre Johnson and John Johnson
Angels Landing Spiritual Center
2400 N. Reynolds Rd.
Toledo, OH 43615

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

Jesus! Yes, that person! A man who wrote nothing, but about whom much was written. What can we learn about who the man was from the stories and commentaries which we have today?

Well it depends on who you read, and the writer’s perspective! The gospel writers wrote for different audiences, coloring their remarks to engage their audience and persuade them to their way of seeing Jesus.

The most inviting aspect of New Thought spirituality is its willingness for the reader to draw THEIR own conclusions! Now there’s a concept! The first time a Unity Minister asked me in class what I thought, I turned around to see if he was talking to the person behind me! In my previous religious tradition, developing my own opinion was not just frowned upon, but really forbidden.

When I recovered from my shock, I started to explore the man Jesus, freed from doctrine and dogma that surrounded him. I’m still doing that today and he continues to reveal himself as I look, not just more deeply, but also more broadly and above all, more humanly. I like the man! I’d like him as a friend. He is no longer remote nor does he scare me. Scenes from his life say a lot – about everything! I enjoy finding out what the people in the stories thought and said about him, and I’d like to know what others say now because he is as relevant today as he was then.