This Sunday, June 25th at 10:30am!

Join Leigh Macaro tomorrow at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is,
“Divinely Crazy” – a Zen look at mind
Music with: Lori Lefevre and John Johnson

This Sunday, June 18th!

This Sunday, June 18th, at 10:30am, join Rev. Linda Dominik. Her talk title is,
“Community: Being in, Being with, Being for.”
Lori Lafevre and John Johnson will bless us with beautiful music.
Plan to stay after and celebrate Rev. Linda’s 30th anniversary as a
“New Thought” minister!

Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

     Human beings live in communities which is really the foundation for relationship. Yes, there are “loners” and guess what, even they are still part of the whole community of humans living on planet Earth.  The English poet John Donne wrote that “No man is an island” and today I would add even if you try to be.
The density of population and the complexity of society really does not allow for isolation–no matter how far off the grid you get!
       This leaves us with a problem. For eons, the organizing human in our social structure was a male person whom we called “Father” and unless we are wearing blinders, we realize that the structure of society does change and has changed, and is now amazingly diverse. So what do we do with the third week in June which generally remembers, honors, discusses, and celebrates “Father”?
       We return to Principle and remember the functions of the idea of Father: a creating agent who brings forth into manifestation all its intentions for good. We have some names for that like God, Spirit, Energy, and whatever other name is written in our individual hearts with which we relate to our Creator.  Here is our fundamental and foundational relationship with the entire rest of humanity because this Being created us all, indwells us all, and lives and breathes us all. And loves US ALL.
      Now that is one amazing community! So let’s use the third Sunday in June to celebrate creative love, and not fret about pronouns and gender related words. Happy Creator Day.

A Celebration For Rev. Linda Dominik This Sunday!

Reverend Linda L. Dominik, Minister at Angels Landing Spiritual Center on North Reynolds Road in Toledo, celebrates the 30th anniversary of her ordination as a “New Thought” Minister on Sunday, June 18, at 10:30a.m. at the Center.

A native of Rochester, NY, Reverend Linda holds a BA in English Literature, History and Philosophy, an MA in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, and graduated from Unity Institute (formerly Unity School for Religious Studies) located in Unity Village, Missouri. Her career of service to others began with her experience as a Peace Corp Volunteer teaching English in Turkey. After her ordination, she served in ministries in Syracuse, Cincinnati, Harrisburg, PA and several in Michigan, where she currently resides in Ypsilanti with her cat “Munchkin.” Reverend Linda has two sons and one granddaughter.

“The expression of ‘church’ has evolved over 30 years, and so have I. From formality to intimacy; from ritual to spontaneity; from ‘us only’ to ‘everyone!’ It has been a journey of growth that has challenged me and enlivened me. I always knew I was not just accompanied ‘by’ the Presence, but ‘in’ the Presence.”

Angels Landing Spiritual Center invites others to join in creating a world we desire to live in! Services are held at 10:30a.m. each Sunday at 2400 North Reynolds Road.

Summer Solstice Preparations!

Fun day up here in the Upper Womb this afternoon! Everyone was busy creating fun goodies for the Summer Solstice next Wednesday. Wear your finest “Goddess” garb, and be prepared to get tattooed, eat, dance, drum and more!