Inspiration from Rev. Linda Dominik!

 The end of the month of May is both a closure and an opening. Spring is finally done and summer has already shown us glimpses of its sun and heat. School is almost over and the swimming pools are open! Joy and delight beckon us, and before we rush in, we stop for a moment and REMEMBER.
I ate breakfast this morning in my favorite “greasy spoon” and while on my third cup of coffee, I watched two men walk in–together but not quite together. One was younger and firmer of foot and faster, the other much older, slower, a little bent, and grizzled. I took in his clothes, his shuffle, his smile, and his nod to me, and my eyes traveled up to the cap on his head. As he passed by, I reached out and touched his arm and said, “Thank you, sir, for your service to our nation”. Our eyes met and held briefly. He leaned in toward me and said, “Thank you.”
REMEMBER on this weekend, and feel blessed by those who gave us their all, so we are still here to say thank you and be grateful.