Inspiration From Rev. Linda Dominik

With the glorious awareness of the Risen Christ within us, we put away the Easter baskets, finish the chocolate rabbits, and our thoughts turn to Spring. Maybe we are gardeners and start thinking of seeds and growing things, or simply “what’s next”?

Actually what is next is exactly what was before: the ongoing, eternally expressing, creation of the universe, BUT this day we bring a new awareness to our part in it!

That is the continually-giving gift of Easter! Empowered by the awareness once again of the living God within us, we see that we have a significant role to play, everyday and everywhere, in letting God express Itself in us, as us, through us. The wise teachers have advised us “to be the change you wish to see” and we can be and do that now!

What are we waiting for? The gifts are given to us: thought, word, and deed.


And God’s good pours forth upon us.