Inspiration from Rev. Linda Domink

Half way through Lent we may be wondering why we are still at it and when will it end! It ends on Easter Sunday, April 16th, and there is still time for us to experience the JOY of Lent! That is a departure from the traditional approach to Lent which is more focused on depriving ourselves of chocolate, movies, and other fun stuff we like a lot. We can enjoy fun stuff and still redirect our attention to the important matters of our lives!

What matters in our lives is the consciousness we carry everyday into the events of the day. What kind of events? All of them! Whether we are speaking to our beloved intimates or the “Grab-n’-Go” shop vendor we will never see again, it’s a “God-moment!” A what?! A “God-moment!” Any moment in our lives when we remember and recognize that the person before us is just like us – an individualized expression of the Infinite Love and Goodness that we call God, or whatever other name your heart speaks to you!

This period of time we call Lent can be one of extraordinary refinement within us, lifting us up where we belong and giving us a new understanding of the purpose and meaning of our lives: love one another as much as God loves us! And oh, will we “rise up” on Easter Sunday! ©