Christmas Message

 The very idea of Christmas amazes us every year. It always come around, regardless. Regardless of our personal feelings about it, or what is going on in the world, Christmas either creeps in or falls on us like a landslide, and there it is. Is it that we have been forced to take notice of it by the very presence of all that swirls around it in the media, business, and its “in your face presence”, and is that really bad? We may need a reminder…
     Christmas really isn’t a one day event, not the real Christmas anyway. It is a consciousness of our purpose in the world: being an expression of love, peace, and joy. The small child whose birth we celebrate is the symbol and message of who we are, sons and daughters of an infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, all loving, and always loving presence we choose to call God. Or any other name that resonates within the depth of each of our souls, calling forth from within us our very likeness to it, for we are made in that same image.
     As we gather together with others, or celebrate in the oneness of our selves, we are the living expression of what Christmas is: good made manifest. And we rejoice! Merry Christmas!

December 11th Service Cancelled

Due to a winter storm warning in Michigan, we will be closed tomorrow, December 11th. Rev. Linda Dominik cannot make it down here. Hope to see you next Sunday for our candlelight service!