War and Peace

War and Peace

To win, surrender!
Win what, in a storm of losses?
Whoever has “more” wins?
Contradiction, paradox –
“giving up to win!”

Distractions invite busy-ness and
temporarily insanity!
The practice is now,
The lessons are now,
Resurrect, look up, let go–now!

Divine twinkling
“Word” – infinite and whole!©

Marjory Smella

Poetry Saves Lives


A poet stills herself
And listens
To words that monitor her heart rate
And beats out fret and strife
Words that vibrate hope and wonder.

Where does her mind go
When it  hears words
Written with quiet wonder
Or keen expectation of a
Glorious celebration?

Perhaps her mind lets go
And meshes with an unseen self
And makes a connection to All that Is –
Where no one or anything
Can interfere with her saving lives.©

                      Jeanne Hubay
                      June 15, 2014