I Am Yours

I AM Yours

Have Your way with me, then.
I have no plans.
I have no ideas.
I have no agenda.

I have longing.
I have desire.
I have love.
I have You.

I go to Nature.
I go to You.
I ask of You –
have Your way with me!©

Marjory Smella

Over the Top!

Over the Top!

Over the top!
Close to the edge.
Crisp edge.
Cold edge.
Cutting edge.
Dead edge.
Empty edge.

Hear nothing.
See nothing.
Feel everything.

Insanity resists.
Emotion screams.
Fear chokes.
Only pain or numb.

Perfectly aligned.
Perfectly unfolded.
Perfectly executed.
Perfectly, perfect.

Heart soars,
Heart sings,
Heart knows,
Over the top!©

Marjory Smella