Three Irish Tenors

Why War, Why? Why?? Why???
This Is Everyone’s Cry;
Why? Why?? Why???
Let Us Give Peace A Try;
Let Us Embrace One Another;
Each of Us Is A Brother;
A Brother To One Another;
If Not, I May Be Your Mother;
As We Cry
Let Us Give Peace Another Try!!©

Alma Bodi
March 25, 2001

Newness is Usually Good

What? Isn’t newness always good? Not necessarily. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And, newness just for the sake of newness isn’t always necessary. When we start to speak of necessary, we are starting to speak of perception. Perception is open to error, especially when we judge by appearances. Perception is also colored by our attachment to the rightness of our perception. Oh, oh, the dog is chasing its tail!

Newness for the sake of newness is a lot like change for the sake of change. To be really worthwhile, each requires discernment. Discernment is the process of deciding the value of something among a number of options. There can be many criteria: efficiency, effectiveness, convenience, attractiveness, but the two most important may be outcome and value. How will this turn out and what will be its value? How will we/I make the choice?

That depends on the mind set in which newness is chosen. Newness is rarely good when it is chosen from fear. Fear clouds perception, confuses words heard and actions taken, inflames emotions, and does not distinguish between willfulness and reason. The ground of our being is unstable. We are at risk.

Newness is usually good when chosen from love. Love soothes, calms, refreshes, restores, comforts and knits up the raveled sleeve of community undone by a focus on difference rather than ONEness. Newness is usually good when it joins rather than severs and the outcome is a stable ground upon which peace is established for the ultimate good of all.

Newness is always good when its outcome is LOVE.©


“May the God of Tears be with you,
cleansing you, nourishing you,
Gently freeing the center of your heart,
and inviting the spirit within you to dance.

And may your willingness to accept
The Gift of Tears give birth
to new life within you.

May the blessing of tears be with you.”

Author unknown