A Letter From God

Have you ever received a letter from God, stating that you will
never find and feel loved, until you love yourself enough to
know you deserve to be loved? Fully, Freely, and RIGHT NOW!

Make a covenant with yourself, then you will by the
“Law of attraction” draw into your life – Pure “Love,”
this is a Christ like frequency.

It is a high frequency, it’s an inner knowing.
It becomes one of your diamonds.

Love and worthiness is more than a word. It’s an “Aura,” it’s a “Magnet,” and the magnet must be magnetized by you. You
must feel it, acknowledge it, know it, and live it.

No one can give it to you. It’s a precious diamond that lives
inside of you. Waiting so patiently to be “Recognized, Owned, Accepted, and Allowed.”

It is our “Unlived Life.” It waits – for you and me to align with it.
How awesome is that?


Why do we own what’s wrong with us so easily, and feel
it’s narcissistic to be the recipient of all of God’s diamonds?


Why do we not feel deserving of the beauty and blessing that
love can add to our life?

The letter goes on to you and me.

WHY? It asks – It’s asking you and me!

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 7/14/13