A Letter From God Part Three

Why not live to just Be on a planet that you’ve come
to share your light with?

You don’t need to tell people how to live – you need
to Show people how to live.

Take a situation you are experiencing, and quickly
surrender it and step aside and allow yourself to Become
greater than the situation in your life.

You then are not battling the situation, your Blessing it
– and giving it over to Christ Consciousness to handle.

It’s Being Loving – Allowing – Growing – Glowing,
and leaving the rest for God to handle.

Ask yourself “What would Love do?”
in every situation you encounter.

So that—

Your answer comes from your Heart (a diamond you possess)
Not just your five senses, or your reasoning mind.

Quickly surrender and Give Over, Forgive Anything
that’s upsetting you.

Now, light your candle and with Gratitude – Celebrate Being
the Recipient of the perfect outcome for your soul.

Hold that posture for a moment, and then let it go…

And send it forth to manifest.

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 7/14/13

A Letter From God Part Two

Why do you believe you are unworthy to receive
all of God’s diamonds?

You are God’s child, a child of Love, with the DNA that goes
along with that acknowledgment. Can you believe that?
If not, WHY?
You either believe it or you don’t. What you believe
you are. What you focus on you become.

Where do you stand on that question?

In your search for truth – Why don’t we find the goodness
that lives within us? The Diamonds, our Unlived Life.

So that – We can then live from that road map, and find our
True Self easily and forget about being in control or
having to be right, which blocks our growth.

What is wrong with Being and Living from a new tapestry
that we believe in – before we even see it, to believe it?

Celebrate it, and become our own “Hero.”


Can’t you see yourself as Love, as I made you? Perfect,
all you have to do is remember who you really are.

Why are you waiting to die to live and leave your Legacy?

Why not live it daily in honor of being my only child?
In whom I Am well pleased.

Don’t you believe that? If not –


Excerpt Gloria Moorehead 7/14/13