Where Are You At On The Journey? Part Two

I have found in my daily journey that I need to stay
close to the Presence in the NOW and live from that
MOMENT…not the past or the future! One step at a
time! I was never really good at multitasking, but we
are in a world of DOING a lot of things at one time
and never really ENJOYING them…
and that includes the art of LISTENING!

They say that God lives in the space between the
words, but there doesn’t seem to be any space
for the SILENCE or for the “Presence of LOVE”
in our life! We are too busy! Too busy filling
our life with “doing” and “busy-ness!”

What is this “Mastery,” I asked, that I feel so
URGED to uncover and examine?

We walked through and dealt with “RECOVERY” and we
were sick and tired of being sick and tired – and that worked!
The REASON continues – then we were introduced to
DISCOVERY and our desire to wed our “humanness”
with our “Divinity” and to emerge less limited and more
Divinely Inspired…through this “marriage”
(I DO, I WILL) that would be our “INTENTION.” ©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 6/30/13

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