In Season


October 25
On a frosty “summer” morning
Geraniums are languid and tall,
Unthreatened by early dew crystals
On their lingering pink and lily white blossoms.

November 25
For me, Summer ends
when all leaves have fallen;
flowers have surrendered and
grasses become dormant.
Deep inside I’m told to mimic
the stillness and barrenness of Fall.

December 25
Now, rest assured,
all prepare for re-birth;
re-birth of the Son of God
who brings the revelation of
God’s “agenda” to unite all creation
in fellowship and love.

“I am the Good Shepherd” guiding you

“I am the Bread of Life” feeding you

“I am the Water of Life” satisfying your thirst

“I am The Door” always open for you

“I am The Way, the Truth, and the Life”

The gifts Christ brings are here


Jeannie Hubay

Where Are YOU At On the Journery?

Where are YOU at on the journey?

We need to SURRENDER all we’ve moved through
to be taught from our inner world – the
Art of Self-Mastery!

All you need is an “urge” – a belief – a knowing –
that to get there you have to quit “trying”
and just “BE” what you are looking for! Then
CELEBRATE with all your heart what that would
feel like and LET IT GO!!! You just uncover,
allow, and accept it as your next step
on your journey!

The only instructions our Master is there to
give us is to DROP FEAR and LIVE FROM
LOVE.. In EVERYTHING you say and do!

The plot deepens – because few people are WILLING
to give up what they think they know to learn what
they know not yet! The word is WILLING! They are
not willing to change their mind!©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 6/30/13