Sunday, November 1st!

We have a wonderful Sunday planned tomorrow for Angels Landing Spiritual Center! Service begins at 10:30am. Rev. Linda Dominik’s topic this Sunday is, “My life. Six word short story.” It will be very interactive, you will walk out with your own six words!

Give yourself the gift of serenity! Holidays, Holy-days, Hell-days-Your Choice Workshop with Rev. Linda is from 1pm to 3pm. Change your whole perspective of what the holidays are all about!

See you tomorrow!

Holidays, Holy-days, Hell-days–You Choose Workshop!

Holidays, Holy-days Hell-days–You Choose!

Workshop with Rev. Linda Dominik
Sunday, November 1st From 1pm to 3pm
At Angels Landing Spiritual Center
2400 N. Reynolds Rd. Suite A Toledo, OH 43615
Call 419-531-1700 for reservations!
Cost $25.00, give yourself the gift of serenity!

The holiday season is approaching, kicked off Thanksgiving followed by Christmas and wrapping up with New Years Eve. Oh no! Not again! I just can’t do it! What could be times of joy and celebration become episodes of stress and frustration with “too much to do”. This two hour workshop can change our whole perspective from “doing the days” to “being the days” when we explore their significant role in our lives, discover their true value, and choose new ways to fulfill our experience of them.



To live from the “inside out” on “I AM” statements
we must withdraw our old consciousness and
use the power of “I AM” followed by a positive
statement to live from…I AM competent, I AM well.

We need to forgive and disengage the explosive
energy from our broken pieces and then they are
just memories without the power to keep us from
what we’ve come to obtain. YES, that’s the
ticket—we have been taught and trained to live
an “unexamined life” but we are here to
EXAMINE and RENEW ourselves by the
renewing of our Mind–that’s the key
to our new life!

That our thinking mind gives POWER to what we’re
thinking about and can create a negative energy that
affects our body…called stress…causing a “DIS-ease,”
thus illness! So, when can we begin this journey
toward wholeness? When we are sick and tired and
hurt enough to lay our old life down and cry out
“enough already!” I’m ready to be FREE! I realize
that takes a new approach to living—disciplining our
thinking—pulling out the right feelings to match a
good and positive outcome!

So, it is positive thought and a good feeling and
no one can do it for me and you! It’s an
energy exchange—a gift Of GOOD for the
negative way I have behaved up until now!

On this day I claim to know myself in my worth.
On this day I claim to know myself in my beauty.

On this day I align myself to worth, to sing
my song for the benefit of All.
“I am here, I am here, I am here.”©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 5/19/13

Sunday, October 25th

Tomorrow we have the pleasure of having Scott Meinhardt with us! The title of his talk is, ” Ask and Ye Shall Find.”
We have our own Lori LaFevre and John Johnson gifting us with their music. And we will be having baked potatoes and salad for lunch, so plan on staying and enjoying lunch, conversation, laughter, and joy! See you at 10:30am!