Lift up the “leaf” of Truth – “listen and simplify” be grateful to and
for the Truth that will “set you free” to slide into your authentic
Self and LIVE with the freedom to BE you…WONDERFUL YOU!


Unclutter Your Life

There is a “super consciousness of God” within you
and me NOW. The Master teacher lives within!
It is our “Master Self” that you and I ARE in truth!

When I am unplugged from my Higher Power within,
there is no steering wheel! When I find guidance
through my Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ, I
KNOW I literally become ONE with what I Am
conscious of! When you know what’s most important
in your life, then you can be more selective about
what you do and what you don’t do. I found that
you don’t discover your destiny – your destiny
discovers YOU – as you are willing to be led!

I try not to let yesterdays take up too much of my
todays. I learn from them and let them go! Just
focus on the enchantment of “being in the NOW”
and creating from there.

I desire to know the Truth. I am willing to know it!

We have all observed that the most effective people
concentrate on their area of excellence. I am
finding as I “unclutter my world” that I find more
time to unwrap what I am here to discover, live
from it and BE! I am releasing the “have to”
into “I want to” life – which is not selfish, but so
meaningful and builds a great Consciousness
which is what I’m here for – you are too!©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 4/21/2013

About Pumpkins


Pumpkins are played with every Fall of the year. Choosing a pumpkin can take a little time – mine has to be a nice round hefty-sized one – an “orange boulder”. I’m told the very small ones make good pies. Yum Little Punkin’.

Pumpkins are given personalities once families take them home. Some choose a happy, friendly persona, with an inner glow. Hmmm, my “inner pumpkin” is a good thought. Most Jack-o-Lanterns are male-could it be because they’re bald?

Some pumpkins are made to look scary, or sad, with crooked teeth, or no teeth – thick, dark eyebrows – even a mustache.

When Halloween fun is over and the pumpkins reach the garbage can, their memory lingers as some people bake and season the pumpkins’ seeds. And, ones that are prepared and canned, we can enjoy this wonderful, magical pumpkin (think beta carotene) year round.©

Jeanne Hubay