A Course Of Love


Tomorrow night at 7pm, plan on joining us as we explore Chapter 20 of A Course Of Love!

Here is an excerpt:
20:15- Imagine a body in a cave, a cave in the earth, the earth in the planet, the planet in the universe. Each cradles the other. None are passive. None are dead. All share the heartbeat of the world and are at rest within each other, within each other’s embrace and the embrace of God’s love, God’s creation, God’s heartbeat. God’s heartbeat is the Source of the world, the Soul of the world, the Sound of the world in harmony, existence with no beginnings and no end. One embrace. All in all. None lesser and none greater for all is all. One is one.

We gather, we read, we share. Come experience the power of this life changing book.



I have found this quote to be very true in my life. I didn’t know what to do with my life. When I began to listen to my inner longings, when I get into touch with what brings me joy, and do it instead of just thinking about it, the Universe responds.

When I am in Joy, doing what I am passionate about, I am in gratitude and the world becomes a better place.
Happy Monday!



Allowance is knowing something wonderful
is happening right here and right now.

Allowance is not a passive acceptance of things
as they are,
but a recognition that there is something
quite beautiful at work.

There is intelligence, a Love
that knows you better than you know yourself.

It is presenting you moment to moment
With jewels and gems, and blessings
and lessons.

That something, is wearing the tapestry
of your life.
Nothing is happening by accident.©


August 30th Speaker

We have Scott Meinhardt returning to speak this Sunday! Scott has more than 30 year’s of New Thought studies behind him. In addition, he has studied all the major religions.

He is a member of our community, and brings a deep Love for all who come to Angels Landing Spiritual Center.

The title of his talk is, ” Wing And A Prayer. ”

Our Lori LaFevre and John Johnson will bless us with their music.

Looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow at 10:30am!

Be Who You Are Meant To Be

Fulfilling our truth and purpose
requires getting to know ourselves
in a deeply intimate and honest way.

Without that knowing,
no degree, job, or relationship
will bring fulfillment to your life for too long.

Allowing, flowing, knowing
who I Am, what I Am, and how I serve.
Living from the knowing that I Am
more than what I am facing.

It’s the knowing who and what you are,
and how you serve that is the fuel in your tank.

Align with the feeling of being unlimited.
Very young, we are told to go and become something,
so that we can have something, and be someone
special in our five sense world.©

Gloria Moorehead
Excerpts from 3/23/14

First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Today can be the first day
of the rest of your life. You
can call it good and it will
“Shift Shape” for you.
Stay on the discovery path
with that attitude.

It’s more than an opinion of our self.
Tune into the “Faith Channel”
You will find you are loved by God.

We surrender to joy, victory, and
our sacred side. Embrace
the tools of spirit to make
a space for unlimited possibilities
to fulfill our destiny.

Gloria Moorehead
Excerpts from 2/16/14