A Course Of Love Gathering

How do I describe tonight? Amazing! As we read Chapter 12 and engaged in the discussion you could feel the consciousness rise. As we discussed 12.6,”God’s will for you is happiness, and of this you can be certain. ” It was amazing to feel the Presence. This is a powerful life changing book, and we are blessed to share our journey with one another. A very good night indeed!

June 28th Speaker


Tomorrow we look forward to having Scott Meinhardt speaking! His topic is,” Sweet Salvation. ” Lori Lafevre and John Johnson will be blessing us with their amazing music. We will be serving ham and cabbage and noodles! Come join us, you will be glad you did. We are the heart of Toledo!

Her Rolling – Pin

Her Rolling-pin

When she died, I took her rolling-pin,
not because I remembered her pies too fondly—
they were never very good!
It was cookies she rolled and cut into shapes—
soft and chewy and big.
It was the cookies that tasted like “I love you.”
It was the cookies I missed—
and her hands.
I miss the broad back of her hands
with roadways of blue veins
and the soft loose skin.
I miss her long, thin fingers and wide, rounded nails.
Most of all,
I miss the smell of her hands.
They smelled delicious—
like whatever she’d been cooking—
onions, or jelly, or scrambled eggs,
or cookies.
I took the rolling pin so I could hold
the round wooden handles
and feel the smooth oiled sides
just as she had done.
I took the rolling pin so I could still
touch a place where her loving hands had been.
I took the rolling pin to hold hands with her
—one more time—and say,
“I loved you while you were here,
I still do.©

—Margie Smella

A Course Of Love Gathering

What a night last night! Chapter 11 in the A Course Of Love book is Free Will and Willingness. Our group read and had such a profound discussion about free will and willingness, the human free will and the separation it can create. And how all that is asked is the willingness to be open hearted, to join in union, and what that feels like. That we are all one. About what a misperception we have about what Love is. Yes, a very good gathering last night. We are so blessed to have a group like this meeting each week. In this
hectic do, do, do world, to have a time and place to gather, join, to be seen and heard,to touch back in with our Source, is such a gift. Join us anytime, All are welcome.


Be Your Own Life Coach

I have found I flourish when I surround myself with
like-minded people who provide the LOVE and SAFETY
that I need. What about you?

Key: Turn your WORDS into WISDOM.

The lesson: I was dealing with a “wound” and wanted to
quickly feel it – heal it – and let it go!

The “Wrong” answer: I allowed my conscious mind to
try to “figure it out!”

The next time, I will allow myself to “feel to heal”
And quickly use my WORDS to talk through –
“what would LOVE do” and coach myself into a softer,
more positive space.

Key: I discovered the posture of “I HAVE” and
discovered who is the best “receiver” of that posture. I’ve
learned a new tool to quickly give ME the ability to return
to a better place by words of wisdom and feeling to match
“myself to myself” LIFE COACHING!
Cheer-leading myself!

Answer: I don’t have to analyze what happens –
but check quickly to see if
I need to change the way I handle it!©

Excerpts Gloria Moorehead 3/3/2013

A Course Of Love

Tomorrow night from 7pm to 8 : 30 pm , we will be reading Chapter 11, and with open hearts discuss what this book means to us. This is worth your time. Come, read,receive and share!

Here is a quote from Chapter 11:5 “What love is cannot be taught. Remember that your task here is to remove the barriers that keep you from realizing what love is. That is the learning goal of this Course – your awareness of what love is – and no earthly course can take you beyond this goal. It is only willingness that is required.” Powerful words… See you tomorrow!