Your True Self

You have a Higher Self.
It’s in the stars and
transmits your good to you.

Your Higher Self is wrapped around
your branch of life
And breathes on buds of
your raw understanding
It guides your eyes so you can
perceive your true self.

You have a Higher Self.
It feeds a sweetness to
your tense tongue.
It plunges joy through your body
to heal your soul.

Your Higher Self creates amazement
at impasses in your life.
It helps you to
find things you’ve lost
even if it’s your dignity.
It invites you to express yourSelf
with every breath you take.©


Remembering Who You Are! Part Two

Daily, we remove road blocks that hinder us from
“shining our Light” as only we can! “Shining my Light”
doesn’t always draw approval from those I love –
being that candle in the darkness! But, the “urge to “Be”
is greater than trying for the world’s attention! That’s a
hard roadblock, because there is a human NEED
to give to others what they NEED – rather than being
true to yourself and refilling your giving POTENTIAL!
“Do gooders” versus “Light Workers” –

“What would LOVE do?” takes me to the proper outcome,
but different than I always use! You would think it
would mean to “bite the bullet” and do what I usually do –
and DO IT anyway! But, I’m finding out since I made
a COVENANT with Myself that has changed – why?

I was reminded that the Commandment to love my
brother/sister as “Myself” has made me the “caretaker”
of Myself First! I need to produce a safe and authentic
place for me to refresh and fulfill. A misunderstood
approach that “What would Love do?” would ALWAYS
mean! Think about it…I should always DO for others
first and myself last? NO, fill YOUR CUP first!

God has always been first for me, and if I don’t put
myself NEXT IN LINE there is no way to refill and
carry on my “Covenant with my Creator!”
That is why we have a covenant with ourselves AND God.©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 4/14/2013

Ole Blue


Ole Blue carried many hopes over his lifetime. Fresh from the showroom window smelling sharply new and without a single scrape or dent he began a lifelong journey with the young lanky rancher starting his life’s work. They were inseparable from the first turn of the wheel and they each grew to understand and love the other’s idiosyncrasies.

Shiny bright, he spoke to the aspirations of a young man’s heart. Shy glances and a smile cast by the flirtatious young girl, her long red blond hair tossed idly to the side, shown as a beckoning flag to him when they slowly passed her house that steamy hot summer’s day. She sat pensively on the top gray stone step of her front porch long after they had driven by. Sitting quietly in the afternoon shade she daydreamed smiling occasionally to herself, hoping that he had taken notice of her.

Another memory flashed. Ole Blue incased in a thick brown dust cloud, the blueness of his steel body obliterated by the haze, surged down a dirt road toward the small town and the nearest hospital. The girl’s labor pains came often now, with deep intensity, and the young couple suddenly grew alarmed for their first born’s arrival; churning and fighting for his time, the baby was ready for the first breath of life.

Years passed quickly, now a weathered truck carried the grown son to the old gray wooden railway station. Sitting between his mother and father on a hard oak bench that faced the tracks, he told them lovingly that they had nothing at all to worry about. He said he would be fine, they would see, he would be returning soon. The war in Vietnam could not last very long, after all it is such a tiny country and we are so big! Tall and strong, so handsome and sure in his dress military uniform and beret, he boarded the train smartly, then turned to wave as it pulled away from the small station.

The man slowly stepped from the raised platform alongside the train favoring his injured leg. His parents overjoyed at his return didn’t seem to notice the awkward movement; they were so intent upon seeing his huge smile and outstretched arms to know anything but pure happiness in the moment. They had waited so long. Driving the familiar road home that evening in Blue the sunset produced a spectacular greeting, one that provoked a flood of memories for each of them. Excited talk eventually turned to future plans concerning the ranch and a more profitable business raising a new breed of sheep, one that grew fine long wool.

The steadfast old friend was finally left broken and abandoned by the edge of the yard near the old sheep-shearing shed. No longer one color, his blue heavily tinged with dark red rusty marks, he sat rather forlornly with a flat tire it’s bed cradling the last bale of straw. Though thought of as being no longer useful, Blue was still very much a part of the family. The young man’s little daughter and son loved to sit in his dusty old cab when they visited their grandparents and pretend that they were flying down the road, traveling to some new adventure. Their imaginations carried them to many wonderful, exotic places. Ole Blue was magical wasn’t he? That’s what Grandpa had said! Blue would see that they were safe and arrive home to that place of strength within, the place of knowing that they were loved, and especially to know what it is to love.©

Karen Petersen
Written in 2004 ©

A Course Of Love Gathering

Awesome gathering tonight! The reading of chapter 7, and everyone sharing with open hearts was inspiring! The unfolding of this book, and the depth of conversation continues to raise both the consciousness of group, and the consciousness of Angels Landing Spiritual Center! We are truly blessed. We are the heart of Toledo!

Remembering Who You Are!

Did you know that you have all this potential slumbering
inside of you waiting for you to plug in to it?

Did you know that you have certain ways of thinking,
feeling and acting that makes you unique?

That’s your GPS talking – Your Higher Power!

Did you know that you have certain passions and
preferences that make YOU happy?

Did you know that you have certain dreams for your
life that are encoded in your soul like your DNA –
your life script?

When you don’t “shine” and aren’t connected, these aspects
of yourself which are doing the things you love, living
your values, feeling your feelings, speaking your TRUTH –
you will slowly close down from your Divine Direction –
when you’re not plugged in! Your spiritual self – worth
plummets, your soul begins to “wrinkle,” you don’t Feel
happy and you have lost your passion to do what you do
and to be your authentic self! You feel sad, but
underneath sad – you are mad at life!!!

Living is really about re-CLAIMING DAILY “Who” we
really are and “What” we’ve come to radiate…your
Divine Mind is your “GPS” for that. You’ve got to
“plug in” to hear it! Never forgetting our “core” is sacred.
The “Circle of Christ” – our beginning – lives there!©

Excerpt: Gloria Moorehead 4/14/2013

Gentle Hands

My mother who dressed me and fed me, whose lovely hands with long slim fingers lovingly made clothes and special treats, and who confided to me in her eighty’s “Don’t be sad if I do not survive this operation, I have had a wonderful life.” now is fed and clothed herself as once she did for me. She has been leaving me for nearly a decade. Her dear expressions and infectious laughter have receded into a deepening fog so that only a few little bits and pieces are all that remain now.

She holds my hand gently in her paper thin ones and looks deeply into my eyes telling me that she will never forget me, then pressing the back of it to her lips, lovingly blesses it with multiple small kisses. I know she will always remain with me. How could she not, she is part and parcel of me; I then have passed her on to my children and theirs. They may not recall certain things that I remember of her before illness stole her so cruelly away, but her cells have shaped their being and perhaps they will do some things exactly the same way her hands have done.

I long to fall into fits of laughter with her once again. I want to experience her sweet humor in the present time of my life. My heart breaks knowing that I must rely upon my memory now, for she is locked away from us. My hope is that she feels the depth of love I have for her as I gently cradle her hand in mine.©

Karen Petersen