True or False

What is true or false?

Gloria S. Moorehead Excerpts from Sunday Service – 3/2/14

Things are not true because we believe them.

Beliefs become substitutes for truth.
Gently check out what you believe and why.

Beliefs are good when they provide
life experiences that include
peace, prosperity, and loving relationships.

Remember, who you are is important.
Every day you are the face, heart, the soul
of God radiating as you.
Wonderful you!
This world needs you!

What was withheld from us, we must become.

We cannot allow our past to
rule our choices today.©

Change for Change

December 9,2014

Everyone was excited when they heard Sunday about the water buffalo. We voted, and we are going for the big one! We have set our eyes on a heifer!!!

Stay tuned for updates…

A Simple Being


A snowman
Made by busy, loving hands,
stands tall and vigilant.
Immune to prejudice,
this simple being is welcome anywhere.

A friendly symbol of peace and joy,
Snowmen don’t fight;
they please, they cheer.

Snowmen are safe in the cold world
And at the end of their vigilance,
they simply melt away to the sun.

As we hold vigilance this season,
and visualize peacefulness,
May we as simple beings
melt away with The Son, and
carry our warmth into the New Year.©

Christmas 2001

Birds In The Morning

Birds In The Morning

I’ve always wondered about birds in the morning.
Have you ever been awake in the morning, and hear the birds singing?
Nice way to start the day, right?
They sing together, without any wrong notes,
then stop. Who tells them to stop?

For that matter, Who tells them to start?

Not all of them, just ONE, The ONE starts.

When I’ve been awake early, before the birds,
suddenly there is ONE bird singing,
almost like an alarm: “Wake up, time to sing!”

Now, I don’t have a problem with that, I mean
the one bird waking the others.

BUT. Here is my question: WHO WAKES THAT BIRD?

WHO appoints that feathered creature the task of
being FIRST? Is it always the same bird? Is this
one Male? Female? The Youngest? Eldest? Who? Why?

If you know the answer, will you share it with me?
If you choose to keep the tidbit to yourself, that is okay.
I can live without the answer.

I can still enjoy hearing the birds in the morning.©

Norma Mihailoff

Change for Change

December 1, 2014

Yesterday was Gratitude Sunday here at Angels Landing. And we are so very grateful! We had a wonderful time sharing.

We enjoy church after church, so one of our Angels made a turkey, it was delicious! Thank you! After stuffing ourselves, we got down to business and counted our change. As I shared in the last post we made forty five dollars on our auction. So we came up with a grand total of $119.00!

If you have been following our journey to fill our Arc for Heifer International we have made amazing progress in less than 3 months. And our sights are on a water buffalo. I am so proud to be a part of Angels Landing and this fund raising effort.

So we all know that today is Cyber Monday. The second biggest shopping day of the season. I got a call tonight around 8:30 from Bonnie. It seems that even Heifer International runs Cyber Specials!

In the email Bonnie received, they were offering to match any donations made today! As I mentioned, we counted $119.00 yesterday, and we had $14.50 left over from our purchases so far. Bonnie graciously donated $130.00 to reach our goal for the water buffalo!! Thank you so much Bonnie and Joe! Who knew you could get a BOGO on buffalo’s!

In poor communities, water buffalo from Heifer are providing draft power for planting rice and potatoes, milk for protein and manure for fertilizer and fuel. A farmer can plant four time more rice with a buffalo than by hand – generating added income to use for clothing, medicine, school and home improvements.

This just keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait for Sunday to see everyone’s reaction! And to vote for our next animal.

I’ll let you know how it turns out…