Change for Change

November 24, 2014

So our latest update! We decided to do an auction. Nothing like good food and a little healthy competition to raise money for this wonderful cause!

We auctioned an apple pie and two pumpkin rolls. I’m happy to share that it was great fun and very profitable! We are forty-five dollar’s closer to the water buffalo! Yay! Stay tuned there is more to come. . .


What are Judgments?

Gloria S. Moorehead Excerpts from Sunday Service – 2/2/14

They are pieces of us that we deny or label negative.
Negative emotion locks us into resistance.

Judgment has to be dissolved
into the light of allowing life to be what it is,
without overreacting.

To create a space for newness,
We need to lay down judgment!

If you feel “Resentment” you feel inadequate.
Lay it down!

Look beyond who you used to be.
Allow a New You to be formed like clay
in the hands of your God Self
called Love!

What would Love do?

As a community,
we come together to
add light to the darkness,
and joy to the world.©

A Focus On Beauty While In Pain

A Focus On Beauty While In Pain

A beautiful scene this morning with the deep stillness of
snow covered trees standing magnificent greeting the clean sharp air – – then sunlight glancing off white frosting, melting, forming crystal shards that fall crazily through the air, sparkling like millions of scattered diamonds in the golden light during their decent. How can there be pain in pure delight?©

Karen Petersen


Aloneness(free verse style)

1)Happy to be alone
With Universal Silence
I am very still.
I hear my own voice
Recanting feelings from my past,
some of which were “buried alive.”
My skin acknowledges authenticity of
My truth.

2)Reflecting on my inner voice messages
I have gained insights into life’s processes.
My voice conspires with the voice of
The Holy Spirit
Bringing solace, and if I sit long enough
I am unified with the gift of pure JOY.

3)Silence rises and falls with each breath I take,
and the lesson vibrates deep within me:
I am NEVER alone.©

Jeanne Hubay
January 15, 2008

An Afternoon With Martha Creek

The Women’s Group – The Upper Womb – enjoyed an intimate afternoon with Martha Creek on Thursday, November 6th.

Martha challenged her audience of 19 women to question long held perceptions and beliefs that keep us from “Loving What Is.”

She asked us to move away from judging everything as good or bad, right or wrong, this or that, to a wider more encompassing view that includes good and bad, right and wrong, this and that.

Martha demonstrated her skill as a facilitator and teacher of Byron Katie’s “The Work.” Her love, compassion and humor touched all of us.

Martha has promised to return to Angels Landing next year. We are all looking forward to that!

Thank you Martha Creek for gifting us with you presence, insight, and love.


The Lady Goddess Makes A Body

The Lady Goddess Makes A Body

It was a beautiful day in heaven.
It was always a beautiful day.
Wished a rainbow.
Indeed had arranged this arrangement
Rain brings rainbows on Earth.

Or, LADY GODDESS desired snow.
Snow alters the look of everything.
LADY GODDESS liked variety.

One day, after setting the latest creation in motion,
dropping in clouds, trees, flowers, oceans, rivers, streams
Activating creatures who walked, crawled, swam, flew, climbed, dug,
LADY GODDESS decided to build a body.
A different special body – holding some godlike qualities
Not immortality or invisibility.
Somewhat less than angels, but more
Than other creations on Earth.
And capable of Variety.

Since LADY GODDESS liked variety, the
Special Creature emerged in all sizes, shapes
and colors – Crème, Tan, Brown, Dark Brown, Russet Brown.
Yellow? No. Not really yellow, as the sun, but gentler
Black? No. Not really black. But, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown and
the shades in between.

Not Green – this color reserved for trees and grass and plant leaf material.

Nor Blue – shades for sky and much of water.

Not White – sparkling white for clouds, unless gray, or black with rain.

The LADY GODDESS distributed this Special Creature on Earth, gave them the
Blessings of Heaven. On impulse, LADY GODDESS dropped in Free Will, for variety.

And, as Special Creatures constant companion, LADY GODDESS sent Angel as
Guard and Guide.

Then, LADY GODDESS rested.©

Composed by Norma Mihailoff May 28,1999

Our Fragile Legacy

Our Fragile Legacy

Lively water,
leaping over the rocky crags on top of the world
in a place unknown to man but not beast.

Crystal clear water in a background of crisp blue sky,
cloudless except for a few puffs along the distant horizon – –
puffs like the smoke from the red man’s peace pipe.

If only these pipes could bring peace
to him who smoked them.

Peace must abide in the heart, not in the bowl of a pipe.
May our world know more peaceful hearts.

It is only by having a wealth of peaceful hearts that this world
will survive the greedy who measure all by its dollar worth.

How do you contemplate the value of a sunset,
how evaluate the exquisite deer in flight?
How can you affix a price to the smile of a baby
or calculate the perfection of a single snowflake fluttering in the wind?

Who taught the spider to spin its intricate web,
the robin’s song was taught by whom?

O Lord, help me to see your wonders and not take them for granted.
May I praise thee daily with heartfelt thanks.

Our fragile world is so lovely and so vulnerable.
Lord, keep us vigilant so that our earth mother’s treasures
are not degraded and negated.

Please help us to find ways to preserve for our offspring
the benefits we have enjoyed.
It is not possible to create a wilderness – –
once sullied, it can no longer qualify for the distinction.

Who is man that he can destroy God’s handiwork?
Who is man that he can claim the domain and the very life
of the beasts of the forest and the plain, not to mention the unruly sea?

Let us muster our sensitivities to pledge a greater effort
toward the preservation of our planet.
After all – – it is all we have.

The mighty rain forests house so much life – –
animal, vegetable and mineral.
Until recently no one realized that the very air we breathe
is dependent upon these unique crucibles of existence – –
not just the creatures that inhabit their green, patterned matrixes
but for all God’s creatures.

May we be worthy stewards.©

This message was received during meditation on the evening of March 7, 1989 by Lois Kolasinski. On March 24, the horrible oil spill occurred in Alaska’s Prince William Sound.

About The Spoken and Written Word

Among the many opportunities for learning, sharing, and growing here at Angels Landing, is our “Spoken & Written Word” group. We share each other’s poems, essays, books in progress, on-line, and at our most recent monthly face-to-face meeting, Bob Phillips, a local poet, accepted our invitation to speak. He told us how he began writing as a kid and has never stopped. He shared his unique style of writing and we agreed that we want him back for more. All are welcome to share their writing on-line or in person the first Friday of each month at Angels Landing. We will be posting some of our writings you may enjoy.


Change for Change

November 6, 2014

So when I left you last time we had just got 2 llamas, a sheep, and a flock of geese.

Well we voted last Sunday to continue with our 2 by 2 journey to fill an Arc. So we decided to go for another sheep and another flock of geese. Everyone was excited to find out just how much change there really was in the jar!

Every Sunday we join after the service to have a potluck lunch. We call it church after church. We have so much fun gathering, eating, laughing and supporting one another. So when we finished eating, a group of our Angels began to count. The total came to $146.50! And I can tell you, that was a lot to count!! But we all enjoyed it! And boy was it heavy to carry!

I am happy to report we were able to purchase both the sheep and the flock of geese! Yay can’t wait until tomorrow to find out what we are going to come up with next…

Change for Change

November 1, 2014

So here is what has gone on since the last post…

I told you that we had $76.00 left after our purchases. Well, the following Sunday, Bonnie came in and purchased a goat for her cousin for her birthday. What a thoughtful gift. Then Gloria asked if she could write a check for a goat in her son’s memory. Her son was allergic to cow’s milk as a child. What a wonderful tribute. Wow! We get to pick another animal to buy with that $76.00!!

We made the announcement that we had two goats in hand! It was time once again to pick an animal! We voted on the purchase of a llama. At home in rough, mountainous areas of Latin America, a llama can be a blessing to families with limited resources. They provide transportation, income and wool, which are prized for making blankets, ponchos, carpet and rope.

After church that morning I was first approached by Delores with a contribution of $30.00! Then once again by Dick and Earl and they gave $50.00 so that we could purchase the llama. When the llama showed up in church, our Angels named that llama Dali. I think people are committed to this outreach…

Last Sunday, we announced we had Dali the llama and while we were deciding whether to continue with the theme of buying animals two by two, Griseldis raised her hand and offered to buy a sheep!! All over the world, Heifer partners are raising sheep to advance the cause against hunger and poverty. And since sheep often give birth to twins or triplets, our support will impact many more families over years to come! She promptly named him Bruno. We all cheered, thanked her and decided to go ahead with another llama.

Well you may have already guessed the outcome, but honestly, it still blows me away… after church someone came up and bought the other llama and named her Bahama llama! Apparently we now have naming rights, hehe! That’s not all; another angel pulled me aside and asked to buy a flock of geese! For millions, goose eggs – not chicken eggs, are the cornerstone of a healthy diet. By selling gosling eggs, families can generate the steady income needed to purchase other food, clothes, medicine and pay for school fees. I love this community!!!

The best is yet to come! Our jar is half full on top of this! So this Sunday we definitely will be counting the change…

Stay tuned we have more change in our future….