Angels Landing

Welcome to Angels Landing Spiritual Center…

Explore! Discover! Choose!

Location :2400 N Reynolds Road Suite A
Toledo, OH 43615
Sunday Service :10:30am
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Join Rev. Linda Dominik this Sunday, December 17th, at 10:30am!
The title of her talk is,
Advent 3, Love is for Living

Angels Landing is an independent Spiritual Center. Our journey together is based on the teachings of the “Master Teacher,” Jesus the Christ. We focus on lessons from Scripture as well as the wisdom of many other enlightened teachers who have graced us with their expressions of this Divine Love.

There are no “religious” limitations on our exploration, discoveries or enlightened choices. We come together drawn by the Power of God expressing through and as each of us. That is why our community is called, “Angels Landing Spiritual Center!”

Growing spiritually can be challenging, inspiring, perplexing and Divine! Discovery shared is potent and energetic! The “consciousness” at Angels Landing Spiritual Center is supported by commitment to the purity of God’s Love in, through and as us! There’s a place for your Divine Self at Angels Landing Spiritual Center!

Divine Ideas, inspired from Divine Love, abide at Angels Landing Spiritual Center.

We are blessed to have Lori Lefevre Johnson and John Johnson performing music this Sunday. Their music will speak to your heart.

We have a Pot Luck on Sundays, so bring a dish to share, if you want to, and just plan on staying. This is always a time of good food, laughter, and joy! We believe that breaking bread and experiencing a sense of community is an important part of who we are.

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Explore! Discover! Choose!

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